SHCHERBAK Alexander Efimovich

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SHCHERBAK Alexander Efimovich (1863 — 1934) is the Soviet neuropathologist, the psychiatrist and the physiotherapist, the doctor of medicine (1890), professor (1894), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1930).

After the termination VMA in 1887 worked in clinic of psychiatry and nervous diseases under the leadership of I. P. Merzheevsko-go. In 1891 — 1894 it was improved on neuropathology in France and Germany. From 1894 to 1910 professor of department of nervous and sincere diseases Warsaw un-that.

Retired together with group of progressively adjusted professors and teachers in protest at reactionary reforms of the minister of education of JI. A. Kasso also moved to Sevastopol. Here in 1914 Ying t of physical methods of treatment (nowadays Yalta scientific research institute of physical methods of treatment and medical climatology of I. M. Sechenov of the Ministry of Health of USSR) organized, to-ry headed lives till last days.

A. E. Shcherbak — one of founders of the Soviet physical therapy, the founder of school of physiotherapists. He is the author of St. 150 scientific works on questions of neuropathology, neurophysiology, psychiatry and physical therapy. It developed the doctrine about the ground psychopathological states and their classification is offered. Proceeding from ideas of the reflex and vegetative mechanism of action of physical factors, he developed and entered in to lay down. to the practician so-called collar and zone methods of ve-getoreflektorny influence (see Galvanization, Massage, Segmentary-reflex therapy). He widely took up a question about biol. action of physical factors, in particular electric current. Under A. E. Shcherbak's edition several volumes of works in-that were released.

Works: Materials to the doctrine about dependences of phosphoric exchange on the strengthened or weakened activity of a brain, a yew., SPb., 1890; Clinical lectures on nervous and sincere diseases, Warsaw, 1901: News of Research institute of physical methods of treatment of I. M. Sechenov, t. 1, 1927, t. 3, book 1, 1934, t. 3, book 4, Sevastopol — JI., 1936 (bus of a number of the Art. and edition).

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Sep E. A. K to the 40 anniversary of scientific activity of professor A. E. Shcherbak, Sevastopol, 1928.