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SHCHYOPIN Oleg Prokopyevich (sort. in 1932) — the Soviet scientist, the specialist in the field of social hygiene and the organization of health care, the winner of the State award USSR (1985), the doctor of medical sciences (1972), professor (1976).

Member of the CPSU.

Ended in 1955. Perm medical in-t, worked at department of the organization of the same health care in-that, f-that was a dean sanitary and hygienic.

In 1963 — 1968 was at work in WHO. In 1968 — 1977 the head of department of external relations, the member of Board of M3 of the USSR, in 1977 — 1981 at responsible work in the office of the Central Committee of the CPSU. At the same time (1974 — 1981) headed created on its initiative the first in our country department of the organization of health care of foreign countries of TsIU of doctors. Since 1981 the First Deputy Minister of Health of the USSR.

O. P. Shchepin is the author of St. 100 scientific works, including 6 monographs on problems of social hygiene and the organization of health care. Creation of a recent trend in the Soviet social hygiene and the organization of health care — medical regional geography, especially in the field of studying of problems of the state of health, formation and development of national health systems in developing countries, and also developments of scientific, methodical and organizational bases of training of the Soviet specialists for work in foreign countries and the international organizations for health care is connected with O. P. Shchepin's researches. O. P. Shchepin headed group of authors of the first guide to the organization of health care of foreign countries, in Krom the comparative characteristic of the existing systems of public health care and the main tendencies of their development is given, the demographic situation and the state of health of the population in various regions of the world on 60 — is analyzed the 70th, the main international problems of modern health care, including a problem of primary health care in developing countries are covered. For a cycle of the works devoted to modern problems of clinical medicine and health of the population of tropical countries it was conferred (1979) awards of P. G. Sergiyev of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

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For development of the theory and methods of medical geography and their implementation in practice of the national economy to O. P. Shchepin was awarded the State award USSR.

The big place in scientific and practical activities of O. P. Shchepin was occupied and occupy questions of the international cooperation in health care and medical science. He directly participated in development of the «Main directions and perspectives of development of socialist health care» accepted as the fundamental document at the XVII meeting of Ministers of Health of the socialist countries (1976). O. P. Shchepin heads the commissions on cooperation in health care and medical science with GDR, France, is the WHO expert but to questions of health care and preparation of medical shots. A number of its researches is devoted to the theory and practice of the international cooperation.

The main direction of researches of O. P. Shchepin in recent years — development of theoretical questions of development of system of health protection in the conditions of the developed socialism, the strategy of preventive activity of modern health care, forms and methods of the practical embodiment of solutions of party and the government on transition of health care to an intensive way of development, strengthening of health of the Soviet people and strengthening of prevention of diseases, step-by-step introduction of annual medical examination of all population, increase in level and quality of medical aid.

O. P. Shchepin is the associate editor and the deputy editor-in-chief of a redotdel «Social hygiene and the organization of health care» of BME, the associate editor of the Soviet Health Care magazine.

«the sign of Honour» (two) and medals is awarded by the Orders of Friendship of the people.

Works: Health of the population and health care of the countries of Africa, M., 1970; World Health Organization, History, problems, perspectives, M., 1975 (sovm. with other); Problems of health care of developing countries, M., 1976; The International cooperation in health care and medical science, in book: 60 years of owls. zdravookhr., glavn. edition B. V. Petrovsky, page 311, M., 1977 (sovm. with other); Ways of improvement of national health care, Owls. zdravookhr., No. 1, page 3, 1980; Health care of foreign countries, M.,

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JI. I. Vladimirova.