SHCHEPIN Konstantin Ivanovich

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SHCHYOPIN Konstantin Ivanovich (1728 — 1770) is a domestic doctor, the surgeon, the anatomist, the botanist and lekarst-voved.

Studied in the Kiev spiritual academy (1742 — 1748), then in high fur boots of Poland, Italy, Greece. Began to get acquainted with medicine in 1748 in Bologna un-those. Upon return to Russia in 1751 studied botany in the St. Petersburg academy of Sciences under the leadership of

the academician S. P. Krasheninnikov. In 1753 it was directed as shown the greatest abilities to Holland for studying of botany and medicine in Leiden un-those. In 1758 in Leiden defended the dissertation on «About Plant Acid» then visited England and France where studied obstetrics and surgery.

Having returned home in 1759, K. I. Shchepin perfectly passed examination in the presence of P.3. Kondoidi also confirmed dokt. degree. It was appointed in Medical office, put an office of natural history in order, collected all laws and resolutions

on medical improvement, prepared and edited a peculiar code of laws by a medical part. At the same time worked in the St. Petersburg overland hospital where began to implement in practice of folk remedy; held exams at pupils of hospital school (see. Hospital schools). In 1760 during Seven summer wars (1756 — 1763) at a personal request it was appointed the divisional doctor of the Moscow division, then directed Bishofsverdsky field hospital.

In 1762 K. I. Shchepin became the first Russian professor of hospital school at the Moscow overland hospital. Taught anatomy, surgery, clinical medicine, and also the beginnings of pharmacy. The first in Russia during the lecturing on anatomy he began to use microscopic drugs. Paid much attention pharmakol. to training of physicians. At lectures showed pharmaceuticals, entered teaching a compounding and practice of doctor pupils in a drugstore. K. I. Shchepin suggested to create group of pharmaceutical pupils, i.e. the first pharmaceutical school at hospital, however did not get permission from Medical board. In October, 1764 for the first time in Russia began to give at

the St. Petersburg hospital school lectures on anatomy and surgery in Russian.

As a result of continuous and unequal fight against foreign domination in Medical board K. I. Shchepin in 1766 was forced to leave service. In 1766 — 1767 he made a trip across Moldova, Galicia, Walachia, collected a rich collection of medicinal plants. Tragic death in 1770 in Kiev where it arrived for fight against plague, did not allow it to end work on a research of medicinal plants.

V. A. Oppel considered K. I. Shche-pina N. I. Pirogov's prototype in sense of power of talent, width of education, interest in the business and skill of teaching (see Medicine).

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V. P. Lapin.