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ShchAVELEVO-YaNTARNAYa KISLOTA — 1 - oxo-1,2,3-propantrikarbo-new acid, tricarboxylic ketonic acid


Y. - I. to. is a metabolite of a cycle tricarboxylic to - t (see Tricarboxylic acids a cycle) and serves as an intermediate link in transformation from lemon to - you in and - ketoglu-tarovuyu to - that. It plays an important role in oxidizing processes (see biological oxidation), along with others 2-ketocarboxylic to-tami promotes proliferation of fibroblasts of connecting fabric (see). In an experiment it is shown that Shch. - I. to. has ability to stimulate the flavoring analyzer (see), influencing neurons of a trifacial.

Y. - I. to. the rastvorima in water, is insoluble in alcohol and ether; in water solution it is not stable and as a result of decarboxylation (see) passes in and - keto-glutaric to - that with release of carbon dioxide; oxaloacetic acid is spontaneously (not enzymatically) decarboxylized 8 times easier, than (see). Stable compounds Shch. - I. to. are its baric salt (at storage at low temperatures), and also triethyl ether and 2,4-di-nitrophenythydrazone.

Definition (qualitative and quantitative) Shch. - I. to. make by Edson's method with citrate of aniline and staining reaction with FeCl3 ferric chloride: Y. - I. to. gives the red coloring passing in flavovirent, and ether Shch. - I. to. gives red coloring, but developing gradually. For cytochemical identification Shch. - I. to. and the isocitratedehydrogenase (KF interfaced to it NADF-zavisimoy in leukocytes of the person apply coloring by the alizarin red S forming with Shch. - I. to. characteristic red deposit steady at pH values lower than 3,2.

In an organism of animals and the person Shch. - I. to. it is formed from from lemon to - you ir participation NADF-zavisimoy of an isocitratedehydrogenase. Decarboxylation Shch. - I. to. to and - keto-glutaric to - you occur under the influence of the same enzyme and ions of Zn2+, Mp2 + and Mg2 + (are listed in process of decrease of activity). Negative catalyst is the isolemon-naya to - that.

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