SHCHASTNY Sergey Mikhaylovich

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SHCHASTNY Sergey Mikhaylovich (1875 — 1943) is the Soviet microbiologist, the epidemiologist, the organizer of health care, the doctor of medicine (1904), professor (1919).

Ended in 1899 medical f-t Kiev un-that, was the assistant to the prosector at department of physiology. In

1901 — 1914 worked at department of the general pathology and bacteriology medical f-that Novorossiysk un-that (Odessa). In the years of World War I did military service, headed anti-epidemic service of the case, was the assistant to the chief health inspector of army. In

1918 was returned to Odessa, directed antiplague laboratory of port. From 1919 to 1928 professor of department of bacteriology of the High female courses reorganized in Odessa chemical and pharmaceutical by in-t. Along with 1919 for 1928 was the director and the research supervisor of the Odessa bacteriological station of I. I. Mechnikov transformed in 1920 in Odessa state sanitary and epidemiologic by in-t of I. I. Mechnikov (nowadays Odessa scientific research institute of virology and epidemiology of I. I. Mechnikov). In 1928 — 1931 headed Crimean in-t of epidemiology and microbiology (nowadays does not exist). From 1931 to 1938 directed department of microbiology Crimean medical in-that. In

1943, being in evacuation, participated in elimination of the center of a sapropyra, caught it and died.

Page of M. of Shchastny — the author apprx. 50 scientific works devoted to epidemiology and diagnosis of plague, chronic plague at rats, to studying of an etiology and pathogeny of food poisonings. In a number of its works results of assessment of immunological efficacy of BTsZh, studying of an anaphylaxis are presented (together with JI. A. Taras-vichem). S. M. Shchastny made the significant contribution to development of actions for fight with inf. diseases (plague, cholera, sypny and returnable tifamp, etc.) * The short course of microbiology of infectious diseases of S. M. Shchastny sustained two editions and promoted training of microbiologists, epidemiologists and infectiologists.

S. M. Shchastny was a member of the Academic council of the National commissariat of health care of USSR, All-Ukrainian sanitary council, the member of a row domestic scientific medical about - century

of Works: To a question of so-called «chronic» plague of rats in Odessa, the Russian doctor, No. 10, page 341, 1912; Short course of microbiology of infectious diseases, Odessa, 1912; The Report on a research of rats at the Odessa bacteriological station from

September, 1910 to December, 1911 (in 15 months), in book: Plague in Odessa in 1910, iod of an edition of L. N. Malinovsky, etc., page 91, SPb.,


Bibliography: 3 and N of the h e in with to and I am T. A.,

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S. M. Shchastny is an outstanding microbiologist and the organizer of the Soviet health care, the Doctor, business, Kt 6, Art. 651, 1960.

D. S. Shchastny.