SHATERNIKOV Valery Andreevich

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SHATYORNIKOV Valery Andreevich (sort. in 1930) — the Soviet physiologist and the biochemist, the member correspondent of AMH (1980). Member of the CPSU.

After the termination in 1953 biol. f-that MSU worked as the intern, ml.

the research associate in Ying-those biophysics of M3 of the USSR. In 1960 — 1962 the senior on the uchny employee of the Central scientific research institute of physical culture. From 1962 to 1966 the manager. to liniko-bio-chemical laboratory Ying-that food of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. In 1966 — 1978 the deputy director of the State scientific research institute on standardization and control of M3 medicines of the USSR (to 1969 Ying t of vitaminology). Dr.Sci.Biol. (1970), professor (1973). From 1978 to 1983 the director Ying-that food of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, since 1983 the manager. laboratory of physiology and biochemistry of digestion of it in-that.

V. A. Shaternikov is the author of the St. 170 scientific works devoted to diagnosis and treatment of pathology of a pancreas, questions of digestion, absorption, lipid metabolism at patients with chronic pancreatitis, a dumping syndrome (see P wasps tgastrorezekts ionic complications), obesity, atherosclerosis. Its researches of criteria for evaluation of quality of enzymes of gastric glands and a pancreas at their use as a part of fermental medicines were new. V. A. Shaterni-kov with employees developed work on problems of food allergy, the directions from at a cheniye physical but by l oho - bio chemical bases of allergic reactions of an alimentary origin are defined. V. A. Shaternikov's works on research of new sources of feedstuffs have important economic value.

V. A. Shaternikov is the member of presidium All-Union biochemical

about-va, the deputy editor-in-chief was redotdet «Food» of BME, by the editor-in-chief of the Questions of Food magazine, and also the member of a row domestic and international scientific medical about - century

of Works: The research of enzymes of a pancreas and their inhibitors is normal also at a number of diseases of bodies of a digestive tract, a yew., M., 1970; Biochemical and physiological bases of food allergy, M., 1980; Environment and problem of hygiene of food, Vestn. USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, No. 3, page 44, 1981; Problems of a balanced diet, in book: The future of science, under the editorship of E. B. Etingof, page 143, M., 1982.

I. I. Knyazev.