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SHATYORNIKOVA of COMER (M. N. Shaternikov, the Soviet physiologist, 1870 — 1939) — the respiration camera with devices for studying of gas exchange of the animal or the person who is in it for a long time (up to several days). M. N. Sha-ternikovym on the means bequeathed by I. M. Sechenov is developed and constructed. Highway to. accumulation in the camera in the course of experience of carbon dioxide gas belongs to the closed systems, and, and also falling of partial pressure of oxygen is eliminated by ventilation of air, to-ry during experience passes through special vessels — absorbers. Absorption by alkaline solution of the collecting carbon dioxide gas leads to pressure decline in the camera that, in turn, promotes giving in the camera of oxygen from special gasometers. Oxygen consumption is determined by its decrease in gasometers, and release of carbon dioxide gas — by titration of solution of alkali in absorbers before experience.

A technique of studying of gas exchange (see) in Shaternikov's camera was widely adopted. Experiments in Sh. to. allow to study gas exchange at animals at long stay them in the atmosphere with various partial pressure of oxygen. Besides, by means of Sh. to. investigate gas exchange of the person at various fiziol. states, loadings, and also at disbolism, various endocrine diseases. A technique of studying of gas exchange in Sh. to. it was also the basis for development of norms of food for various professional and age groups.

See also Calorimetry, the Metabolism and energy.

Bibliography: Shaternikov M. N.

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