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SHASTIN Pavel Nikolaevich (1872 — 1953) is the Soviet surgeon, zasl. doctor of RSFSR (1947).

In 1896 ended medical f-t Tomsk un-that; worked as the intern of children's hospital in Irkutsk.

In 1898-1914 there was the surgeon, a manager. surgical department of Kuznetsovskaya (nowadays Irkutsk regional) hospitals. In 1906 it was improved in clinic of orthopedics of VMA under the leadership of G. I. Turner. In the years of World War I was the chief of hospital. In 1917 was returned to Irkutsk and worked till 1923 as the chief physician of Kuznetsovsky hospital. At the same time these years taught in hospital surgical clinic medical f-that Irkutsk un-that. In 1923 it was invited by the National government of Mongolia for assistance in the organization of health care of the young republic. Till 1932 he directed military hospital, and then worked in system of the Ministry of Health of MNR. In 1937 was returned to the USSR and it was sent to Artek (see) — All-Union summer camp of V. I. Lenin where took different medical positions up to the last days of life.

P. N. Shastin was one of the first Soviet doctors who arrived to Mongolia. Despite difficulties, an antagonism of reactionary clergy, lamas doctors, by means of the Soviet doctors, and including P. N. Shastin, the foundation of a health system of MNR was laid. Having highly appreciated P. N. Shastin's activity, the government of MNR awarded him with the awards «Pole star» and the Labour Red Banner. His portrait and the biography are placed in the honourable book «100 noblemen of MNR». In 1960. The decree of Presidium of the Great National Hural of MNR to the 3rd clinical municipal hospital of Ulaanbaatar appropriated a name P. H. [Nastina, before the building of hospital the monument is established to it.

P. N. Shastin made the significant contribution to the organization of medical providing in Artek. In the Crimea on the house, in Krom there lived P. N. Shastin, the memorial board is established.

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