SHAROY Pavel Nikiforovich

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SHAROY Pavel Nikiforovich (1751 — 1828) is a domestic doctor, the doctor of medicine, the public figure.

Studied in the Chernihiv kollegium and hospital school at the St. Petersburg overland hospital (see. Hospital schools). In 1768 was entitled the subdoctor and it was sent to the Novorossiysk province. In 1771 passed doctor examination. Since 1774 the headquarters doctor. In 1788 — 1797 headed the Elizavetgrad-sky medicochirurgical school (see) created for providing with doctors field army and the Black Sea Fleet during the Russian-Turkish war (1787 — 1791). For life time of school (it is defunct in 1797) 255 doctors and subdoctors were let out. In it theoretical lectures were combined with a practical training in infirmaries. Pupils underwent subdoctor practice at the front. Among the first set of pupils there was afterwards a famous domestic doctor E. O. Mukhin.

Along with 1792 P. N. Shara fulfilled duties of the provincial doctor of the Ekaterinoslavsky namestnichestvo. After liquidation of school was the chairman Voznesenskaya of provincial criminal chamber, and since 1802 headed civil and criminal court of the Taurian province. P. N. Shara participated in fight against epidemics of plague in Ukraine. Was the active assistant to D. S. Samoylovich.

Founded the village (nowadays the village Blind cultivation of the Alexandria district, Kirovohrad Region) where it is buried.

N. K. Borodin.