SHARMANOV Turegeldy Sharmanovich

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SHARMANOV of Turegelda Sharmano-vich (sort. in 1930) — the Soviet hygienist, the academician of AMH (1982). The member of the CPSU since 1953.

In 1955 ended Karaganda medical in-t. In 1955 — 1958 the graduate student, then the assistant to department of pharmacology of it in-that. From 1958 to 1962 the chief physician of Ulytausky regional hospital (The Dzhezkazgan Region). In 1962 — 1968 the manager. department of hygiene of food of scientific research institute of regional pathology of M3 of the Kazakh SSR. Doctor of medical sciences (1967), professor (1968). In 1968 — 1971 the rector Aktyubinsk medical in-that, and from 1971 to 1982 the Minister of Health of the Kazakh SSR. In 1982 — 1984 the director of the Kazakh branch Ying-that food of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. In 1984 the department chair of hygiene of food Almaty in-that improvements of doctors, and since 1985 — the department chair of food of TsIU.

T. Sh. Sharma-is new is the author of the St. 160 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to questions of hygiene of food, studying of energy costs of the population of Kazakhstan, alimentary disturbances (hypovitaminosis of m, to an amino-acid imbalance). In a number of works are described by it danger of consumption of the products contaminated by pesticides, nitrous vitriol mines, mycotoxins and also measures of prevention of poisonings with these substances.

T. Sh. Sharmanov is the member of the Central Committee of KP of Kazakhstan (1976 — 1986), the deputy of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR of the eighth, ninth and tenth convocations, the board member Vsesoyuznogo scientific about-va hygienists, the editor-in-chief redotdet «Food» of BME, and also the member of a row Soviet and international scientific about - century.

It is awarded by awards of the October Revolution, Friendship of the people and medals.

Works: Food and health, Redoxon and reactivity of an organism, Alma-Ata, 1974; Proteinaceous food and redoxon, Alma-Ata,

1977 (sovm. with Aldashev A. A.); Ascorbic acid (redoxon), in book: Ekspe-Rome. vitaminol., under the editorship of Yu. M. Ostrovsky, Minsk, 1979; Vitamin A and proteinaceous food, M., 1979; Resistance to an infection in the conditions of a chronic iodine deficiency in food, M., 1983. A. A. Aldashev.