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SHARLAH KRASNY (Scharlachrot; Sudan IV, sharlakhrot, sharla scarlet) — the diazodye from group of Sudan applied to identification of lipids. In gistol. to the practician Sh. to. it is entered in 1901 by L. Mi-chaelis.

Brown-red powder, water-insoluble, well liposoluble and is slightly weaker in alcohol, chloroform, acetone, etc. As well as other dyes of group of Sudan (see), sharla red paints lipids in fabrics because they remove paint from solvent. During the coloring of fabrics according to Gerksgeymer Sh. to. dissolve before saturation in mix of equal volumes of acetone and 70% of alcohol; whole mounts or frozen sections from fresh or fixed in formalin, in Gelli's liquid and other fixers of material immerse in paint for 2 — 3 min., rinse in 70% alcohol, wash out in water and conclude in glycerin. Lipids are painted in bright red color; a part them is washed away. Usually coloring is carried out at the room temperature, but for identification of substances, to-rye at this temperature are in solid state (cholesterol, carotinoids, etc.), cuts heat to fusion of lipids. Highway to. apply also during the studying of lipoproteids (see) by method of an electrophoresis (see) on paper.

See also Histologic methods of a research.

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