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ShARKO-MARI-TUTA AMYOTROPHY (J. M of Charcot, fr. neuropathologist, 1825 — 1893; P. Marie, fr. neuropathologist, 1853 — 1940; H. N of Tooth, English neuropathologist, 1856 — 1925; synonym: amyotrophy on

investigative neural, an atrophy muscular peroneal type, Sharko — Mari amyotrophy, Sharko — Mari a muscular atrophy, Sharko — Mari — Here a disease, Sharko — Mari — Here — Goffmanna a disease) — the hereditary chronic progressing disease of a nervous system from group of neurogenic amiotrofiya which is characterized by preferential defeat of peripheral nerves of distal departments of legs, and then and hands shown flaccid paralyzes and amyotrophy of feet and shins with the subsequent spread of amyotrophy on distal departments of upper extremities, trophic disorders and disturbances of sensitivity on peripheral type; it is inherited on auto - somno - dominantly, is more rare — on autosomal recessively and to the recessive type linked to a floor — see Amyotrophy.