SHAMOV Vladimir Nikolaevich

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SHAMOV Vladimir Nikolaevich (1882 — 1962) is the Soviet surgeon, the academician of AMH (1945), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1935), winner of the Lenin award (1962). Lieutenant general of medical service. Member of the CPSU.

After an okonch a niya in 1908 VMA was left at surgical clinic of S. P. Fedorov. In 1911 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Value of Physical Methods for Surgery of Malignant New Growths». In 1913 — 1914 was in England and the USA where worked in U. J. Meyo and Ch. Meyo, J. Krayl's clinics, X. Cushing, etc. In 1914 — 1923 the senior assistant to department of surgery of VMA. Since 1923 professor. In 1923 — 1939 the manager. faculty surgical clinic Kharkiv medical in-that. At the same time in 1930 — 1931 (Kharkiv) of in-t of hemotransfusion and an urgent surgery headed the Ukrainian created on its initiative (in a crust, time the Kharkiv scientific research institute of the general and urgent surgery M3 of USSR). From 1939 to 1942 the chief of department of faculty surgery of VMA and at the same time research supervisor Leningrad in-that hemotransfusions (nowadays scientific research institute of hematology and hemotransfusion of M3 of RSFSR). In days of the Great Patriotic War was the deputy chief surgeon of Red Army, headed work on the organization of the neurosurgical help and service of hemotransfusion; in 1945, was the chief surgeon at the headquarters of the commander-in-chief of the Soviet troops in the Far East. In 1946 was returned to department of faculty surgery of VMA, the cut directed till 1959. Along with 1947 the director Leningrad research neurosurgical in-that M3 of RSFSR. Since 1959 professor-consultant at the chief of VMA.

V. N. Shamov is an author apprx. 140 scientific works devoted to various questions of surgery. The first in Russia V. N. Shamov in 1919 successfully made hemotransfusion taking into account group factors and promoted its widespread introduction in a wedge, practice. First-ever he in 1928 experimentally proved a possibility of transfusion of cadaveric blood. It offered .metod to full denervation of an intestinal loop and the principle of its use for creation of an extrathoracic artificial gullet (Shamov's operation). He studied a problem of allotransplantation of fabrics and bodies, development of traumatic hypostasis and swelling of a brain, dealt with issues of a pathogeny and developed ways of treatment of diseases of century of N of page of c of closed glands, investigated new types of anesthesia, efficiency of various routes of administration of antibiotics in surgical practice, use of an artificial night. V. N. Shamov made a large contribution to improvement of operational treatment of pulmonary diseases, arteries, uric ways, a gall bladder and bilious ways, a pancreas, stomach, gullet. He paid much attention to improvement of specialized medical aid in field conditions. A Lenin award V. N. Shamov is conferred for development and deployment in practice of a method of preparation and use of fibrinolizirovanny blood.

V. N. Shamov was a member of Academic medical council of M3 of the USSR, the board member of Vsesoyuzny of science foundation of surgeons, the honorary member Vsesoyuznogo scientific about-va neurosurgeons, and also the member of a row international scientific about - century

V. N. Shamov in was an editor of a redotdel «Surgery» of the 1st and 2nd prod. BME, associate editor and scientific secretary of the fundamental

work «Experience of the Soviet Medicine in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945.», associate editor

of «The encyclopedic dictionary of military medicine», editor-in-chief (1947 — 1951) and associate editor of the Questions of Neurosurgery magazine, and also associate editor of the magazine «Messenger of surgery of I. I. Grekov».

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin (two), Red Banners (two), Labour Red Banners, the Red Star and medals.

Works: About value of physical methods for surgery of malignant new growths, a yew., SPb., 1911; About hemotransfusion, It is new. hir. arkh., book 1, page 21, 1921; To studying of a homoplasty from a corpse — hemotransfusion from a corpse, in the same place, t. 18, book 1-4, page 184, 1929 (sovm. with Kostyukovy M. of X.); Problem of transfusion of cadaveric blood, in the same place, t. 36, book 3-4, page 581, 1936; The Guide to hemotransfusion, M. — JI., 1940 (sovm. with Filatov A. N.); The Organization of the neurosurgical help during Patriotic war, Voyen. - medical zhurn., July-August, page 3, 1944; The Guide to hemotransfusion for medical officers, M., 1944; Hemotransfusion in the period of Patriotic war, JI., 1947; Experience of the Soviet medicine in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945, t. 4, M., 1949, t. 5, 1953 (bus of a number of the Art.); The general principles of the organization of the neurosurgical help at damages and wounds of a nervous system, in book: Surgery

of damages of a nervous system, under the editorship of V. N. Shamov, page 465, L., 1959.

Bibliography: A. N., V. N. Sha-mov, M.'s Not tea, 1977; Samotokin B. A. and d river Vladimir Nikolaevich Shamov (To the 100 anniversary since birth), Voyen. - medical zhurn., No. 6, page 73, 1982; The Collection of scientific works on surgery and neurosurgery devoted to professor V. N. Shamov (To the 50 anniversary of scientific, pedagogical, medical and practical and public work), Kharkiv, 1958.

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