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SHAMBERG DISEASE (J. F. Scham-berg, amer. dermatologist, 1870 — 1934; synonym: the hemosiderosis of skin mesh progressing, the progressing pigmental dermatitis) — rather rare dermatosis relating to hemosideroses of skin.

The disease was described for the first time by Sham-berg in 1901.

The etiology is unknown. The pathogeny is studied a little, a certain value has change of an endothelium of capillaries and increase in hydrostatic pressure in them; the injury can be the contributing factor (pressure, friction by clothes). Shamberg the disease occurs preferential at men of young age.

At gistol. a research epidermis is a little changed; in a papillary layer of a derma, sometimes more deeply, the infiltrate consisting preferential of lymphocytes and to a lesser extent of segmentoyaderny leukocytes, epithelioid and plasmocytes is noted. In sites of infiltrate accumulations of the fine-grained brown ferriferous pigment located intracellularly and vnekletochno are observed. Vessels are expanded, the endothelium which bulked up.

The disease is characterized by emergence on skin of shins, is more rare on other sites, closely located reddish dot hemorrhagic specks sometimes having an appearance of teleangiectasias (see). On the periphery of ochazhok new rashes gradually develop, at the same time old slowly disappear, after them there is a permanent henna-red pigmentation, in some cases an easy superficial atrophy of skin. The small itch can subjectively be noted. The disease has hron. current.

The diagnosis is established on the basis by a wedge, pictures. Differential diagnosis carry out with Mayokki's disease (see Mayokki a disease), at a cut the centers of a ring-shaped form, and also with the ocherous dermatitis (see the Hemosiderosis of skin) developing on the lower extremities at the persons having a varicosity are formed.

Treatment consists in purpose of redoxons, P and K, drugs of calcium, locally at not numerous centers it is possible to recommend freezing by snow coal to - you (to 30 sec. under small pressure).

The forecast for life favorable; a recurrence is possible.

Prevention is not developed; for the prevention of aggravations it is recommended to avoid traumatization and overcooling of the affected skin.

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