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ShAFRANOVO — the climatic resort in Bashkir ASSR. Kursak, on the sublime plateau (230 — 350 above sea-level) in the steppe area with feather-grass vegetation and extensive forest parks is located in 137 km to the southwest from Ufa on the right coast of river.

The resort is founded in 1919 on the basis of mainly private kumysolechebnitsa.

The climate is moderately continental. The summer warm (average temperature of July 19 °), in separate days air temperature rises to 36 °. Winter cold (average temperature of January — 15 °). Fall dry and warm, spring late and cool. An annual amount of precipitation apprx. 400 mm (the greatest number of rainfall drops out in the summer — apprx. 300 mm). Number of hours of sunshine more than 2000 in a year.

The main to lay down. factors: steppe climate, a pure and dry air (in May relative humidity of air of 47%) and koumiss (see. Lactic products). Use with the medical purpose of koumiss (see Kumysolecheniye) is carried out all the year round; in the winter sublimated koumiss is used.

There are a resort policlinic, sanatorium with two departments: for treatment of suffering from tuberculosis lungs and for treatment of suffering from tuberculosis kidneys and urinary tract. Procedures of a klimatolecheniye are carried out in forest parks.

Indications: early forms of a pulmonary tuberculosis (primary tubercular complex, tubercular bronkhadenit), destructive tuberculosis of kidneys, a state after operative measures on bodies of urinogenital system concerning tuberculosis.

Contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table (t. 29, additional materials).

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V. V. Poltoranov.