SHAFONSKY Afanasy Filimonovich

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SHAFONSKY Afanasy Filimonovich (1740 — 1811) is a domestic doctor, one of founders of epidemiology.

Got medical education in high fur boots of Halle, Leiden and Strasbourg (1756 — 1763). Doctor of philosophy, jurisprudence and medicine. Since 1769 the senior doctor of the Moscow general hospital. During epidemic of plague in Moscow (1770 — 1772) he established the first the true nature of a disease, was the main organizer of fight against epidemic, paying the main attention to measures of public and sanitary character (isolation of patients, a quarantine, cleaning of the city, etc.) - A. F. Shafonsky published the capital monograph about this epidemic.

In 1781 A. F. Shafonsky went home to Chernihiv where he made the detailed description of edge, with emphasis on a dignity. - a gigabyte. living conditions of the population.

Works: De gravidarum, parturientium et puerperarum convulsionibus, diss., Argentorati, 1763; The Description Morava the ulcer which was in the capital city of Moscow from 1770 to 1772 with the application of all for the termination of it then of the established institutions, M., 1775; The Chernihiv namestnichestvo the topographical description with the short geographical and historical description of Small Russia, Kiev, 1851.

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