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SHABAD Leon Manusovich (1902 — 1982) is the Soviet oncologist, the academician of AMH (1962). Member of the CPSU.

In 1924 Leningrad medical in-t ended the 1st and it was left at department of pathological anatomy. In

1934 — 1945 the manager worked in V I as EM the senior research associate of department of pathological anatomy, then. department of experimental oncology. Doctor of medical sciences (1935), professor (1938). At the same time in

1938 — 1941 the department chair of pathological anatomy of the 2nd Leningrad medical in-that (nowadays Leningrad sanitary gi-giyenichesky medical in-t). From 1945 to 1952 the manager. laboratory of experimental oncology Ying-that morphology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. In 1952 — 1958 the manager laboratory of experimental oncology of scientific research institute of oncology in M3 of the USSR. From 1958 to 1962 the deputy director Ying-that experimental and clinical oncology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, from 1962 to 1980 the manager. laboratory of chemical carcinogenesis same in-that (nowadays All-Union oncological scientific center of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences).

L. M. Shabad is an author apprx. 400 scientific works, including 8 monographs. On the basis of studying of a histogenesis, the spontaneous and resulted from influence oncogenous substances of tumors of skin and lungs, and also nek-ry other new growths at animals L. M. Shabad created the doctrine about a precancer and developed morfol. classification of various forms of precancerous changes at animals and the person (see the Carcinogenesis). Ikhm development of tumors in posterity of the animals who were affected by oncogenous substances is for the first time described, the pilot model of cancer of lung by intratracheal administration of oncogenous hydrocarbons is received; oncogenous hydrocarbons in the soil and exhaust gases are found. He put forward and experimentally proved the idea about a possibility of formation of endogenous oncogenous connections in a human body, and also offered the concept of circulation of oncogenes in the environment which formed a basis of a number of practical preventive actions. L. M. Shabad was an initiator of complex development of a question of oncogenous substances in the environment (see. Oncogenous substances). For researches in the field of an etiology of cancer and fight against it it was conferred the International award of the UN (1962).

L. M. Shabad was a member of boards All-Union scientific about-va oncologists and All-Union scientific about-va pathologists, the foreign member of the Polish academy of Sciences (1962), the honorary member New-Yor-kskoy of academy of Sciences (1976), and also the honorary member of many foreign scientific about - century.

L. M. Shabad was the deputy editor-in-chief «Oncology» of BME, the associate editor of magazines «Questions of Oncology», «Neo-plasma» (ChSSR), «Cancer Detection and Prevention» (USA) redotdet.

«the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by the Orders of Lenin.

Works: About multiple primary опу^ holyakh, L., 1931 (sovm. from Goryaynova R. V.); Sketches of experimental oncology, M., 1947; M. A. Novinsky is an ancestor of experimental oncology (1841 — 1914), M., 1950; Pollution of free air a carcinogenic substance — 3,4 benzpyrene, L., 1959 (sovm. with Dick

of P. P.'s nomas); Precancer in eksperimentalnomorfologichesky aspect, M., 1967; Endogenous blastomogenic substances, M., 1969; Methods of studying of a blastomogennost of chemicals, M., 1970; About circulation of carcinogens in the environment, M., 1973; Transplacental blastomogenesis and organ cultures, M., 1975 (sovm.

with other); Evolution of concepts of a blastomogenesis, M., 1979.

Bibliography: Leon Manusovich Shabad

(To the 80 anniversary since birth), Vopr. onkol., t. 28, No. 1, page 107, 1982.

Yu. M. Vasilyev.