SHAAK Wilhelm Adolfowitsch

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SHAAK Wilhelm Adolfovich (1880 — 1957) is the Soviet surgeon, the doctor of medicine (1914), professor (1921), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1940).


In 1903 ended VMA. From 1904 to 1907 there was the doctor assistant of surgical department of children's hospital in St. Petersburg (nowadays hospital of K. A. Ra-ukhfus), then the surgeon of infirmary Ob-va of the Red Cross. In

1907 — 1909 it was improved in clinics of Berlin, Vienna, London, Paris. In 1909 — 1910 worked as the surgeon in the Obukhovsk hospital in St. Petersburg. Since 1910 the assistant to department of faculty surgical clinic St. Petersburg women's medical in-that (nowadays the 1st Leningrad medical in-t). From 1921 to 1942 managed this department. At the same time in 1922 — 1937 directed surgical department of the Leningrad children's hospital of N. F. Filatov and then department of children's surgery Leningrad pediatric in-that, created on the basis of this department. In 1947 — 1954 worked in Radiological in-those (nowadays Central research X-ray radiological with in-t).

V. A. Shaak is an author apprx. 140 scientific works but to various questions of surgery. One of the first in our country he applied sewing together of vessels to treatment of a varicosity of the lower extremities (a sa-phenofemoral anastomosis), began to develop questions of local (preferential conduction) anesthesia and together with L. A. Andreyev published the monograph about a local anesthesia in surgery (1928).

V. A. Shaak possesses a number of works about operational treatment of purulent diseases of lungs and pleurae, diseases of a rectum, thyroid gland; a specific place is held by works of V. A. Shaak and his pupils devoted to questions of a splenectomy. He took part in creation of the large guides to surgery.

V. A. Shaak was elected the chairman Hirurgicheskogo about-va of N. I. Pirogov (1933, 1937), was

its honorary member.

Works: Changes of blood and the hemopoietic bodies after amputations and eksartikulya-tion, a yew., Yuryev, 1914; The Local anesthesia in surgeries, the 1st prod., M. — JI.,

1926, 2 prod., 1928 (sovm. with Andreyev JI. And.); General surgery, t. 1 — 2, M. — L., 1928 (bus of a number of hl. and edition sovm. with other); The Textbook of a specialty surgery, M. — L., 1940 (sovm. with other); Specialty surgery, t. 1 — 3, M. — L., 1941 (bus of a number of hl. and edition sovm. with other); Carcinoma of the stomach, his diagnosis and treatment, L., 1947.

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V. I. Kolesov.