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SFINKTEROMETR (Greek sphinkter the closing muscle + metreo to measure, measure) — the device for assessment of sokratitelny function of sphincters of a rectum.

There are several types C. Balloon S. are based on registration of pressure in filled with water or air of the cylinder entered into the proctal canal. These S.' lack is dependence of indicators of sokratitelny function of proctal sphincters on the sizes and elasticity of a cylinder. In spring S. force of reduction of sphincters of a rectum is transmitted through branches on a spring, deformation a cut reflects the measured effort. The spring S. offered by A. M. Aminev (1961) is executed in the form of an olive with a core, by the end to-rogo weights or bezmenny scales are suspended. The olive is entered into a rectum and determine by a pandiculation for the end of scales a tone and a best effort of proctal sphincters. More exact are piezoelectric S., in to-rykh mechanical effort of proctal sphincters will be transformed by means of piezosensors to an electric signal. These S. are supplied by the registrar and allow to estimate objectively sokratitelny function of proctal sphincters normal and at various patol. states.

In total S. give the generalized characteristic of force of reduction of proctal sphincters. For a separate research of sokratitelny function of outside and internal sphincters, studying of nervous control of muscles of sphincters use a method of an elektromanometriya.

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