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SEXUAL CRIMES — the crimes representing infringement of sexual integrity and sexual freedom. Carry to Pct rape (see), compulsion of the woman to the introduction in sexual relations, sexual intercourse (see) with the person which did not reach puberty (see), dissolute actions concerning minors, a sodomy (see. Sexual perversions ), intentional infection venereal disease (see).

At investigation of Pct there is a number of questions, demanding court. - medical surveys of the victim (see. Survey ), suspect or defendant and research material evidences (see).

Court. - honey. examination (see) at survey of the victim resolves questions of the having place the sexual intercourse, disturbance of virginity — an integrity hymen (see) — at the first sexual intercourse, draws the conclusion about puberty, pregnancy, infection with venereal diseases, existence of traces of physical abuse or dissolute actions.

Than earlier the court is made. - medical examination concerning Items, subjects come to light the signs testimonial of its commission more. At the same time inspection of the scene where spots of blood, sperm, contents of a vagina, hair, scraps of clothes, etc. can be found is of great importance.

On commission of sexual intercourse specifies detection of spermatozoa in a vagina during 3 — 5 days after sexual intercourse, and later on hair of area of a pubis, vulvar lips, skin of a crotch, hips. For the proof of commission of sexual intercourse by the specific man at it define blood group (see), edges matches group accessory sperms (see), and also establish group of sperm in contents of a vagina, spots on clothes, a body, etc. At rape of the pregnant woman make a research on identification chorionic gonadotrophin (see) in contents of a vagina, on generative organs of men and in spots on his clothes.

In relation to the minor understand such ways of satisfaction as dissolute actions sexual desire (see), as a touch hands to generative organs, friction by a penis about parts of his body, an exposure of generative organs and open commission at its presence of sexual intercourse or masturbation, training of the minor in sexual perversions, etc. Depending on the nature of these actions on a body of the victim traces of mechanical influence (grazes, bruises) and spots of sperm can be found. Can point a fresh rupture of a hymen, bruises and spots of sperm in the field of generative organs to dissolute actions, symptoms of infection of veins. disease. At a sodomy bruises (grazes, bruises, are more rare than a wound), and also traces of sperm in the field of an anal orifice and generative organs can be revealed. At a systematic passive sodomy sometimes find a smoothness of folds of skin and mucous membrane of a rectum, its funneled deepening, etc. that, however, can be observed also at nek-ry diseases.

Sometimes at investigation of Pct of the suspected persons subject court. - medical examination for definition of their ability to sex life, possibility of the sexual intercourse from the specific victim, establishment of the fact of the sexual intercourse in recent time. The fact of the sexual intercourse in recent time and a possibility of commission it from the specific victim is established on detection of cells of vaginal contents, blood, a calla, saliva, pubic hair and fibers of clothes of the victim on generative organs, under nails of hands and on clothes of the suspect; at the same time define their group accessory, extent of oestrogenic stimulation and a phase of a menstrual cycle of the woman.

At a sodomy on generative organs of the suspect elements a calla, an indestinal flora, egg of worms, a cell of a mucous membrane of a rectum of the victim can be found., In this case define group accessory of the suspect and victim by birth and to character of traces on a body of the victim.

Pct are more often made by the persons which are in a condition of a drunkenness, having a psychopathia mental and veins. diseases. In this regard in prevention of Pct the big role belongs to healthcare institutions, in particular psychoneurological, venereologic clinics, and also another to lay down. to institutions which are obliged to inform law enforcement bodies on the persons inclined to sexual perversions, sore veins. diseases and evading from treatment, and also about the women who did not reach 16-year age, arriving in to lay down. institutions for abortion or childbirth.

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