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SEXUAL ABSTINENCE (synonym: sexual abstinence, sexual abstinence) — decrease in level of sexual activity below needs of nature. Distinguish refractory and forced P. century. Century carry a condition of natural sexual not excitability after end to refractory P. sexual intercourse (see). This temporary state, a cut at most of men is connected with positive emotions. At astenizirovanny and vegetative and labile persons at the same time the adynamia and fatigue, and at women can be observed at absence orgasm (see) the burdensome state forcing them to abstain from continuation of intimacy sometimes develops. Forced P. is in most cases caused century by lack of sexual contact owing to various circumstances, napr, pregnancy or a puerperal period at the woman, a long serious illness of one of spouses, dissociation of spouses as a result of, e.g., features of their professional activity. Forced P. century causes negative emotions more often and at nek-ry persons sometimes is followed by a neurotic state (the irritability increased by emotional lability, fixing of attention on the sexual moments, frustration of a dream) and developments of stagnation (a phlebectasia of seed cords, scrotums, a rectum, swelling of hemorrhoidal nodes). Long months-long P. can promote century development of chronic prostatitis (see), prostatovesiculitis.

The most acute manifestations of forced P. of century are observed in the period of youthful hyper sexuality, with age they smooth out, in the involutional period of P. of century is transferred much easier.

According to G. S. Vasilchenko (1977), long P. in 11,5% of observations was century the reason of sexual frustration, hl. obr. in the form of disturbance of separate components of a copulative cycle. Is of particular importance P. of century at advanced age. According to D. D. Vakhaniya (1969), century (up to 2 — 5 months) can give forced P. in this age to impotences (see) even at the persons who were regularly making before 1 — 2 sexual the intercourses in a week.

In the period of long P. for century spontaneous sexual excitement is sometimes noted, a cut partially is explained by intensity of filling of seed bubbles with a secret of gonads and a prostate (Tarkhanov's phenomenon). If in the period of youthful hyper sexuality of P. of century can be interrupted by masturbation (see. Onanism ), a petting (see. Sex life ), emissions (see), at mature age of P. of century quite often turns in total, with total absence ejaculations (see). Women with more or less expressed frigidity (see. Sexual coldness ) transfer P. century less heavily, than most of men.

Value P. of century is defined on the basis of the accounting of specific features and a situation. If acceleration of an ejaculation is noted only after forced P.'s periods of century, then it is possible to assume existence of the syndrome of pseudo-impotence caused by long intervals between the sexual intercourses which are not corresponding to age, temperament, intensity of sexual desire, etc. The decisive argument confirming the diagnosis of this form of sexual frustration is normalization of duration of the sexual intercourse as a result of establishment of more high level of sexual activity. For the single man marriage is represented in that case to the best to lay down. recommendation. At psychogienic actions consider that P. proceeds century easier in the absence of the factors causing incomplete sexual satisfaction erotic excitement (frustrations).

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