SEVERIN Sergey Evgenyevich

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SEVERIN Sergey Evgenyevich (sort. in 1901) — the Soviet biochemist, the academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1968) and AMN (1948); Hero of Socialist Work (1971), winner of the Lenin award (1982), pupil of B.C. Gulevich.

SEVERIN Sergey Evgenyevich

Having ended medical f-t of 1 MSU in 1924, worked at department biol. chemistry, and since 1929 at department of zoophysiology of MSU. Since 1939 the department chair of biochemistry (till 1973 department of biochemistry of animals). At the same time worked in AI-those occupational diseases (1925 — 1933), managed department of physical chemistry and biochemistry of the 3rd MMI (1932— 1941), Ying-that food was the director (1945 — 1947). From 1949 to 1957 the academician-secretary of Department of medicobiological sciences of AMN.

The main works of S.E. Severin are devoted to questions of biochemistry of muscular tissue and enzymology. In early works he investigated respiratory function of blood, a problem of a metabolism in erythrocytes and leukocytes both in normal conditions, and at patol. conditions of an organism, questions of conservation of blood. Since 1933 continued the begun B. S. Gulevich research of natural imidazolsoderzhashchy dipeptides, carnosine and anserine, them biol. roles in exchange of energy and implementation fiziol. functions of muscular tissue.

During the subsequent period (since 1960) C. E. Severin paid the main attention to problems of enzymology: to studying of structure, ways of regulation and mechanism of effect of proteins of a troponin-tropomiozinovy complex and number of enzymes (hexokinase, creatine kinase, fosfori-lazokinaza, phosphorylase, dehydrogenase of phosphoglyceric aldehyde, glikogensintaza, etc.). These researches led to release of earlier unknown enzyme — kinases of a troponin of T, allowed to specify structure and function of the peptides of phosphorylase responsible for binding of AMF and pyridoxal phosphate, and also quarternary structure of a dehydrogenase of phosphoglyceric aldehyde. A number of works of S.E. Severin is devoted to promoting of scientific knowledge and questions of history of the Soviet biochemistry. For basic researches of biochemistry of muscles it is conferred the Lenin award, for a cycle of the works devoted to studying biol. roles of natural derivatives of an imidazole — awards AMN of V. S. Gulevich (1969).

S.E. Severin is president Vsesoyuznogo biochemical about-va (1969), the chairman of Scientific council on biochemistry of animals and the person of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the editor-in-chief of the Biokhimiya magazine, the member of the Polish academy of Sciences, German academy of scientists of Leopoldin, honourable doctor Leyptsigsky un-that of K. Marx; member of editorial boards of a number of the Soviet and foreign magazines.

It is awarded by four Orders of Lenin, an award of the October Revolution, an award of the Labour Red Banner, medals.

Works: The textbook of physical and colloid chemistry, M. — L., 1940, 1948 (sovm. with Mitrofanovy N. P.); Workshop on biochemistry of animals, M., 1950 (sovm. from Meshkova N. P.); Biochemistry of animals, in book: Development biol. in the USSR, under the editorship of B. E. By-hovsky, page 533, M., 1967; Biosynthesis and degradation of nicotinamide coenzymes in the myocardium, Circulat. Res., suppl. 3, p. 121, 1974 (sovm. with Tseitlin L. A.); Modern problems of physical and chemical biology, Vestn. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, No. 1, page 93, 1976; a-Keto acid dehydrogenases and acyl-CoA synthetases from pigeon breast muscle, Advanc. enzyme Regulat., v. 15, p. 1, 1977 (sovm. from Feygina M. M.); Interrelationship betrween glycolysis and the anaerobic part of the pentose phosphate pathway of carbohydrate metabolism in the myocardium, ibid., v. 19, p. 235, 1981 (sovm. from Stepanovy H.).

Bibliography: Severin S. E. A view of the passable course of life, Vopr. medical chemical, t. 17, No. 6, page 564, 1971; Sergey Evgenyevich Severin (To the 60 anniversary since birth), Bulletin ekspery. biol. and medical, t. 52, No. 12, page 112, 1961.

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