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SEVAN — the mountain fresh-water lake in 66 km to the northeast of Yerevan and the resort on its northwest coast. The lake is located at the height of 1914 m above sea-level, the area of its 1260 km 2 , average depth is 30 m. In the coastal district of the lake there are exits of hloridno-hydrocarbonate magnesium-sodium mineral waters (are used for pouring) and a deposit to lay down. peat. On climatic conditions and natural medical resources the southeast coast is most perspective concerning resort construction.

The Sevan basin belongs to mountain rslimatichesky areas of a subtropical zone. The climate differs in abundance of solar radiation: the average duration of sunshine in a year 2800 hour. Average speed of wind of 3,2 m/s, east and northeast winds prevail. The ridges surrounding the lake protect it from cold winds. Rainfall in a year the most rainy months May and June drops out apprx. 450 mm. The winter is moderately cold, long (average temperature in January — 5 °). The spring begins with the second half of March, differs in changeable weather. The summer lasts since the beginning of June prior to the beginning of September (average temperature in July and August 16 °). A swimming season — from the middle of June to the middle of September, water temperature at coast 17 — 19 °.

Coast of the Lake Sevan. House of creativity of the Writers' Union of Armenia.

Around the lake, boarding houses, camp sites, pioneer the camp are located. The beaches and places convenient for bathing are on northeast and southern coast. The warmest — the Areguneysky coast. Historical architectural monuments, excavation of prehistoric settlements, etc. is of great interest to tourists

to stabilize the ecological mode and a water balance of the lake, carry out its replenishment from water reservoirs of the republic, from the Vorotan River and the Arpa River (on the canal Arpa — Sevan), creates treatment facilities for protection against industrial and utility pollution, the National Sevan natural park forms.

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