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SETEN Louie (Seutin Louis Joseph Baron; 1793 — 1862) — the Belgian surgeon, the founder of early functional treatment of fractures of bones.

the Gold medal cast in honor of Louis Seten.

Having graduated from school at Saint Peter's hospital in Brussels, participated in treatment of wounded in fight at Waterloo (1815). Since 1816 the doctor of medicine Leiden un-that, in 1820 became the doctor of surgery.

Since 1823 the chief surgeon and professor of school at Saint Peter's hospital. After opening Bruxelles un-that the hl was appointed by professor of surgical clinic, and then. surgeon of the Belgian army. In 1834 L. Seten offered «removable and motionless to a method» treatments of fractures of bones, consisting in immediate reposition of fragments with the subsequent immobilization of an extremity by means of the starched bandage (Seten's bandage) offered them and further purpose of early movements.

Thanks to this method which gained wide recognition in Western Europe and Russia treatment of changes was improved.

L. Seten was a member of Royal academy of medicine of Belgium, chle (((((((((((((((((((((1852) and the honorary member (1855) Fiziko-Meditsinskogo about-va in Moscow.

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N. A. Oborin.