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SERZHAN Edmon (Sergent Edmond, 1876 — 1969) — the French epidemiologist, the microbiologist and the parasitologist, the member of Institute of France and national Medical academy.


In 1903 ended medical f-t Parisian un-that. Since 1906 Pasterovsky's director in-that in Algeria worked in Ying-those Pasteur in Paris, and since 1910.

The main works of E. Serzhan are devoted to questions of epidemiology of malaria, brucellosis, trachoma, filyariidoz, ankilostomidoz, uses of a tubercular vaccine, etc. In 1903 he opened the causative agent of the North African trypanosomiasis of camels (Trypanosoma maroccanum) and proved a role of stinging flies in its distribution. In 1907 E. Serzhan showed that the louse is a carrier of the North African typhinia. In 1921 he pointed to a role of mosquitoes in distribution of skin leushmaniosis (see). During the studying of piroplazmozny diseases of a cattle E. Serzhan described 5 new types of the activator. He proved, contrary to the standard opinion that the African breed of sheep is susceptible to a malignant anthrax.

E. Serzhan was a member of a row scientific about - century.

Works: La lutte contre les moustiques, une campagne antipaludique en Algerie, P., 1903; Parasites des paludismes et toxoplas-mes& (propos de parasites de la caille), Arch. Inst. Pasteur Alger., t. 18, p. 374, 1940; La thimni, myiase oculo-nasale de l’homme causae par l’oestre du mouton, ibid., t. 30, p. 319, 1952;& L'etude immuno-logique exp^rimentale du paludisme Plasmodium berghei, ibid., t. 32, p. 277, 1954; De la coexistence, chez le meme malade, de la fifcvre recurrente et du paludisme, Z. Tro-penmed. Parasit., Bd 8, S. 242, 1957.

Bibliography: About 1 p p G. Hervorragende Tropenarzte in Wort und Bild, S. 375, Munchen, 1932.

A. I. Metelkin.