SYVOROTOChNYE of SYSTEM of BLOOD in the medicolegal relation

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SERUMAL SYSTEMS OF BLOOD — groups of the proteinaceous components of blood having antigenic properties; matter in forensic medical examination.

The village of the village to., as well as other its group-specific systems, are caused genetically and during human life qualitatively do not change. Fiziol. S.'s role of page to. does not depend on group specificity. The village of the village to. are not connected among themselves, but are often connected with other systems of blood. Immunoglobulins, e.g., being antigens, act as antibodies in relation to other systems of blood.

For the decision with ud. - medical tasks systems have the greatest value gaptoglobina (see), immunoglobulins (see), the group-specific Gc component, transferrin, an alkaline phosphatase (see), serumal cholinesterase (see). Results court. - medical researches C. of page to. matter during the conducting examination of a doubtful paternity and motherhood (cm. Motherhood disputable , doubtful paternity ). At court. - medical examination of the traces of blood appearing as a material evidence, a research C. of page to. promotes deeper group differentiation of objects of a research.

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