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SEROUS COVERS (tunica serosa, the singular) — the filmy formations of a mesodermal origin covering perigastriums (belly, pericardiac, pleural, vaginas of testicles), and also the covering bodies located in them. Villages of the lake delimit internals from walls of cavities and provide at shifts their sliding rather each other. The villages of the lake covering walls of cavities received the name of parietal layers, and the covering bodies — visceral.

S.'s basis of the lake is made by the dense fibrous issued connecting fabric having lamination with a natural arrangement of networks of collagenic and elastic fibers. S.'s surface of the lake turned into a cavity is covered with a single-layer flat epithelium, or mesothelium (see). Gistol. S.'s structure of the lake depending on their localization and functions has certain features, napr, in an epicardium S. of the lake is rich with fibers, to-rye are located in four layers (see. Pericardium ), whereas in a mesentery and an epiploon of fibers it is not enough and lamination is not expressed. It is established also that a mesothelial vystilka of an abdominal cavity not continuous, there are sites of discrepancy of mesothelial cells and the subject connecting fabric, so-called hundred-mats and stigmas, to the Crimea loops limf, and circulatory capillaries approach. These zones play an important role in circulation of peritoneal liquid and cellular elements (see. Bryushina ).

Village of the lake plentifully vaskulyarizirovana. Limf, and the blood vessels, nerve terminations located in connecting fabric form together with fabric components C. of the lake the uniform functional system providing balance of processes of transudation of liquid of blood vessels in a cavity and its return absorption (resorption). Thanks to existence of such system in cavities there is strictly certain amount of the liquid providing S.'s «lubricant» of the lake necessary for performance of its main functions.

The village of the lake has high reactivity and is easily involved in patol. process at injuries and diseases of the bodies covered by it, and also walls of cavities (see. Pericardis , Peritonitis , Pleurisy , Polyserositis ).

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