SERGIYEV Pyotr Grigoryevich

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SERGIYEV Pyotr Grigoryevich (1893 — 1973) — the Soviet parasitologist, the epidemiologist and the organizer of health care, Hera of Socialist Work (1963), the academician of AMH (1944), twice the winner of the State award USSR. The member of the CPSU since 1919.

SERGIYEV Pyotr Grigoryevich

Upon termination of medical f-that Kazan un-that in 1917 it was sent' to field army by the regimental doctor. After demobilization worked as the infectiologist. In 1919 entered the volunteer Red Army. In 1921 was a doctor of the Soviet representation in Afghanistan. In 1922 — 1927 at party work. Since 1927 worked in Tropical in-those (nowadays Ying t of medical parasitology and tropical medicine of E. I. Martsinovsky), from 1934 to 1970 headed it. Since 1937 the doctor of medical sciences and professor. In 1937 was the people's commissar of health care of RSFSR, and since 1938 the chief of Anti-epidemic management M3 of RSFSR. In days of the Great Patriotic War the head of department of fight against malaria Narkomzdrava of the USSR, in 1946 — 1957 the member of Presidium, and in 1957 — 1960 the vice-president of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. In the last years of life was a scientific consultant.

P. G. Sergiyev is an author more than 200 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to problems of malaria, to - a swarm he was engaged in studying more than 45 years. World recognition got its job (sovm. from N. A. Tiburskaya) on studying of malarial parasites of various strains. P. G. Sergiyev scientifically proved an opportunity and developed ways of elimination of malaria to the USSR, carried out big organizing work in this direction thanks to what elimination of malaria was put in number of nation-wide tasks. Major importance had a combination to lay down. - the prof. of actions and measures for fight against mosquitoes. Elimination of malaria in the USSR as mass disease by 1960 was result. A number of researches of P. G. Sergiyev was devoted to studying of other parasitic diseases, their carriers, questions of immunization at measles, etc.

Within 40 years P. G. Sergiyev was the editor-in-chief of the «Medical Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases» magazine. More than 40 guides and collections appeared under its edition. In its activity training of scientists and practical doctors, establishing the international medical relations figured prominently. It consisted the member of the Malarial commission of the League of Nations in the 30th. Since the end of the 50th was the WHO expert on malaria, took part in work of many committees and conferences of WHO, the international congresses. Several years was a member of the WHO Advisory board on scientific research.

The state award is conferred (together with group of employees) for use of domestic gramicidin in hospitals (1946) and for the organization of fight against malaria (1952). In 1966 to it the international award and Ch. Darvin's medal for merits in the field of a malariology was awarded.

It is awarded by three Orders of Lenin, two awards of the Labour Red Banner, medals.

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