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SERGIYEVSKY MINERAL WATERS — balneological and mud resort of a forest-steppe zone; it is located in 120 km from Kuibyshev and 1,5 km from St. Sulfuric waters Kuibyshev. on a southwest slope of the Sernovodsky height. The resort functions since 1833.

The climate is moderately continental. Height above sea level 70 m. Summer roast, average monthly temperature of July 4-21 °; the winter is moderately cold, average monthly temperature of January — 14 °. Annual average amount of precipitation of 425 mm.

Sergiyevsky mineral waters. Case of sanatorium.

Major medical factors: sulfide sulfatno-gidrokarbonatno-calcium magnesian waters with the content of free hydrogen sulfide to 54 mg/l and silt sulphidic mud of the lake. The milk located in 35 km from the resort. Dirt is applied in the form of applications and tampons.

As a result of hydrogeological researches in 1964 also strong sulfide waters of chloride sodium structure with a mineralization to 200 g/l and with the content of the general hydrogen sulfide of 900 — 1000 mg/l and bromine of 350 mg/l are found. Waters use for bathtubs and irrigations.

The resort functions all the year round. Sanatorium cases are located in the park and in a steppe part of the resort. In the summer department for treatment of teenagers with diseases of bodies of blood circulation functions. Are available policlinic, water - and mud baths, the medical beach, a meteorological station, and also club, the museum of history of the resort, etc. In 1983 the resort «Sign of Honour» is awarded the order.

Indications to treatment in the resort: diseases of bodies of the movement, backbone, nervous system, bodies of blood circulation, skin and female generative organs.

Contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table .

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