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SERENSEN Seren (Sorensen Soren Peter Lauritz, 1868 — 1939) — the Danish chemist and the biochemist, the member of the Danish academy of Sciences, and also academies of other countries.


Ended Copenhagen un-t in 1891. In 1892 — 1901 the assistant to chemical laboratory in Danish polytechnical in-those. In 1899 received a doctor's degree for work on oxides of cobalt. Since 1907 professor. From 1901 to 1938, having replaced I. J. G. Ch. Kjeldahl, headed one of the world centers of biochemistry — chemical department of Karlsbergsky laboratory near Copenhagen.

S. Serensen the author of 76 scientific works in the field of inorganic chemistry, the theory of solutions, preparative and analytical bioorganic chemistry, and also physical chemistry of proteins and enzymes. Having developed an original method of synthesis of amino acids, synthesized ornithine, proline and arginine. In 1903 improved and widely applied the method of definition of amine nitrogen offered by J. G. Ch. Kjeldahl (see. Kyeldalya method ); developed the technique of formal titration of amino groups (1908) which was widely applied to determination of speed of the proteolysis. In 1909 used measurement of the electromotive force during the definition of hydrogen ion concentration and entered the concept «hydrogen ion exponent» — pH (see. Hydrogen ion exponent ). For development of the general and clinical biochemistry S. Serensen's works about influence of buffers and pH on behavior of solutions of proteins and enzymes had special value. In 1917 S. Serensen received in a crystal look one of the first proteins — ovalbumin. It also possesses researches on thermodynamics of proteins, definition of their isoelectric point (see. Isoelectric point ), osmotic pressure and molecular weight. S. Serensen found the complex proteins containing nonprotein components, napr, complexes of monoxide of carbon (SO) with hemoglobin and lipoproteins of blood. He created school of researchers in the field of biochemistry of protein, was the long-term research supervisor of the Danish microbiological industry.

Works: Uber die Messung und die Bedeutung der Wasserstoffionenkonzentration bei enzy-matischen Prozessen, Biochem. Z., Bd 21, S. 131, 1909.

Bibliography: Kretovich V. JI. Grains Peter Lauritz Serensen, Usp. chemistry, t. 10, century 1, page 111, 1941; Dictionary of scientific biography, ed. by Ch. C. Gillispie, v. 12, p. 546, N. Y., 1975.

E. V. Ramensky.