SEREBROVSKY Alexander Sergeyevich

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SEREBROVSKY Alexander Sergeyevich (1892 — 1948) — the Soviet biologist, one of founders of genetics in the USSR, the member correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1933), the academician of VASHNIL (1935).

SEREBROVSKY Alexander Sergeyevich

Ended Moscow un-t in 1914. Since 1918 worked at the poultry-farming station in Slobodke as the Tula Region where executed original researches on genetics of domestic hens.

Since 1921 the employee of the Anikov-sky genetic station of People's Commissariat for Agriculture (The Zvenigorod district of the Moscow Region) and Ying-that experimental biology (Moscow). Since 1923 the department chair of poultry farming (after genetics) Moscow zootechnical in-that. In 1929 organized laboratory of genetics in Biological in-those of K. A. Timiryazev, in 1930 department of genetics in MSU (managed it until the end of life), in 1931 the sector of genetics and selection in All-Union in-that livestock production of VASHNIL.

A.S. Serebrovsky stated to the first (1926) and together with the employees experimentally proved the idea of a drobimost of a gene and offered the theory of a structure of a gene from linearly located centers that in principle corresponds to a modern concept about division of a gene on the websites (see. Gene ); put forward the idea about a role of duplications of genes in evolution of genetic material (1938); laid the foundation of the original direction of the general genetics and evolutionary biology — a genogeografiya; developed a number of methods of the genetic analysis in relation to problems of selection of animals; offered the first (1940) genetic method of controlling with insects wreckers based on artificial implementation in their population of the males giving impractical or sterile posterity.

A.S. Serebrovsky along with N. K. Koltsov and S. S. Chetverikov was a founder of the Moscow school of geneticists and selectors.

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner.

Works: Hybridization of animals, M. — L., 1935; Classics of the Soviet genetics, 1920 — 1940, under the editorship of P. M. of Zhukovsky, L., 1968 (bus of a number of hl.); Selection of animals and plants, M., 1969; Genetic analysis, M., 1970; Some problems of organic evolution, M., 1973.

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V. I. Ivanov.