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SERAPHS DIMITROV Vasily (sort. in 1916) — the Bulgarian pathophysiologist, the hematologist and transfu-31Yu a log, professor, zasl. scientist of the People's Republic of Bulgaria.


Having ended in 1942 medical f-t Sofia un-that, worked at department of a pathophysiology of the same un-that. Since 1952 in the Sofia scientific research institute of hematology and hemotransfusion; since 1956 the director in-that. At the same time he organized department of hematology and hemotransfusion Ying-that specializations and improvements of doctors and more than 10 years directed it. In 1963 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Substitution of Blood».

V. Serafimov-Dimitrov is the author of St. 100 scientific works, including 5 monographs devoted to hl. obr. to questions of hemotransfusion, immunology and immunotherapy of leukoses, studying of a pathogeny and development of transfusion therapy of clinical death, shock, acute blood loss; it studied also questions of transplantation of marrow at an acute radial illness. A number of its works is devoted to philosophical and methodological problems of biology and medicine.

B. Seraphs Dimitrov is the chairman Bulgarian and the honorary member Sovetskogo about-in hematologists and transfuziolog, and also the honorary member medical and scientific about-in Hungary, Cuba, Czechoslovakia and Poland.

Works: Zamestvane on a krjvt, Sofia, 1962; Aktualni to a problem on a hematologiyat and krjvoprelivaneto, Sofia, 1965 (edition); Transfuzionna hematologiya, Sofia, 1972 (edition, Russian lane, Sofia, 1974); Imunologiya and an imuioterapiya on a levkozita, Sofia, 1980.

G. V. Sukyasyan.