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SENTAGOTA Janos (Szentagothai Janos, sort. in 1912) — the Hungarian anatomist, the academician (1967) and the president (1977) Hungarian academies of Sciences; winner of an award Koshuta (1950) and State award of the Hungarian People's Republic (1970).


Ended Budapest un-t in 1936. Till 1946 worked as the assistant, and then the prosector for medical f-those un-that. Since 1946 professor and director Anatomicheskogo in-that in Pech, since 1965 the director Ying-that anatomy and histology in Budapest.

Scientific works of Ya. Sentagotai, including 4 monographs, are devoted to morphology and physiology of a nervous system. In 1943 the law of the central regulation of movements of an eyeglobe is opened for them and interactions of kernels of oculomotor and vestibular nerves are explained. For nearly 40 years he investigated neural chains and bonds in c. N of page. conduction paths of a spinal cord, structure of bark of a great brain and cerebellum. Revealed representation of muscles of a throat in kernels of a vagus nerve, face muscles in kernels of facial and trigeminal nerves. Entered a concept of the module («a pile of disks») into interpretation of the organization of gray matter of a spinal cord, in gelatinous substance to-rogo established a projection of dermatomes [sovm. with F. Kiss]. Ya. Sentagotai's works played an important role in the approval of the neural theory, in development of the principles of modeling of functional systems of a brain. It put forward the new concept of structure of nervous braking. Using methods of a neurohistochemistry, he installed mechanisms of influence of a nervous system on endocrine functions.

Ya. Sentagotai is the foreign member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1976) and USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1982), the member of the German academy of scientists of Leopoldin, National academy of Sciences of the USA, the winner of an award Deshli (USA).

It is awarded by awards of the Hungarian People's Republic and the USSR.

Works: Die zentrale Innervation der Augen-bewegungen, Arch. Psychiat. Nervenkr., Bd 116, S. 253, 1943; Hypothalamic regulation of the forefront of a hypophysis, the lane with Wenger., Budapest, 1965; The cerebellum as a neuronal machine, V. and. lake, 1967 (sovm. with other); Atlas der makroskopischen Anatomic fiir Zahnarzte, Budapest, 1969 (sovm. with Kiss F.); From the last skirmishes around the neuron theory to the functional anatomy of neuron networks, in book: The neurosciences, ed. by F. G. Worden a. o., p. 103, Cambridge — L., 1974; Conceptual models of a nervous system, the lane with English, M., 1976 (sovm. with Arbib M.).

Bibliography: Donat T. Janos Sentagotai (To the 70 anniversary since birth), Arkh. annate., gistol. and embriol., t. 83, No. 11, with, 106, 1982, bibliogr.

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