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SENNA (Senna; synonym: cassia, Cassia) — medicinal plant. S.'s leaves (a synonym senna) and drugs from them use in quality purgatives (see). Small bush this. bean (Leguminosae), growing in the countries of Africa and the Southern Asia. From 280 types of S. as sources of medicinal raw materials S. narrow-leaved are of the greatest interest (Cassia angustifolia Vahl.), S. acutifoliate (Cassia acutifolia Del.), an also S. large-leaved (Cassia obo-vata Collad). In the USSR the hl is cultivated. obr. Senna acutifoliate.

S.'s leaves acutifoliate contain up to 3% of resistant anthraquinone glycosides (aitraglikozid), and also dimeric connections of Rhine (a so-called sennozida And yes In), nek-ry flavanols and resinous substances. S.'s leaves narrow-leaved and S. amblyophyllous differ in the smaller maintenance of aitraglikozid.

Active ingredients C. are antraglikozida. In itself they are inactive and are soaked up from a small bowel in not changed look. After absorption hl collect. obr. in a liver where break up with formation of derivatives of oxyanthraquinone — oemodin and hrizofanovop to - you. The last are allocated through a wall of a large intestine. These substances render moderate irritant action on receptors of a large intestine owing to what there is strengthening of a vermicular movement. Effect of drugs C. is shown in 6 — 10 hour. On character and the mechanism of action drugs C. are close to drugs rhubarb (see), buckthorns (see), aloes (see) and to other purgatives of a plant origin containing antraglikozida. However unlike other purgatives of this group drugs C. do not render irritant action on a mucous membrane of a stomach and a small bowel since do not contain free oemodin and chrysophanic to ~ you.

In medical practice S.'s leaves apply usually in the form of infusions (Infusum foliorum Sennae), to-rye prepare at the rate of 5 — 10 g of leaves of S. on 100 ml of water. Briquettes from the crushed leaves of Page are convenient for receiving infusions. Infusions from S.'s leaves appoint the adult 1 table, l. 1 — 2 — 3 time a day.

S.'s leaves are also a part of a number of the combined drugs used as purgatives. Are among such drugs infusion of Senna difficult, powder of a licorice root difficult, etc.

Infusion of Senna difficult, or the Vienna drink (Infusum Sennae compositum), 95% of alcohol (10 h) and waters (75 h) receive from cut leaves of Senna (10 h), sodium-potassium-tartrate (10 h), the honey purified (10 h).

Appoint the adult 1 — 3 table, l. on reception; to children of 2 — 4 years on 1 chayn. l., 5 — 7 years on 1 dessertspoon, 8 — 14 years on 1 dessert — 1 table. l.

Powder of a licorice root difficult (Pulvis Gly-cyrrhizae compositus) contains powder from S.'s leaves and a root licorice on 20 h, fruits of fennel in powder and are gray cleared on 10 h, sugar in powder of 40 h.

Appoint the adult on 1 — 3 chayn. l., to children of 2 — 4 years on 1 chayn. l., 5 — 7 years on 1 dessertspoon, 8 — 14 years on 1 dessert — 1 table. l. 1 — 2 — 3 time a day. Before the use powder is stirred in water.

Besides, S.'s leaves are a part antihemorrhoidal collecting (see) and laxative tea.

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