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SEMINAL HILLOCK [colliculus seminalis (PNA, JNA, BNA); synonym: Kulikova head (caput gallinaginis), mountain dart (veru montanum)] — oblong shape the eminence located in the field of a crest on a back wall of a prostatic part of an urethra at men.


Fig. 1. Diagrammatic representation of a seminal hillock (section of a front wall of a neck of a bladder, prostatic part of an urethra and prostate): 1 and 6 — a crest of an urethra; 2 — a seminal hillock; 3 — a prostatic utricle; 4 — openings of ejaculatory channels; 5 — openings of prostatic ductules; 7 — a prostate.

Seminal hillock (seed hillock, T.) it is stuck out in a gleam of an urethra in such a way that in this place the gleam of the last gets a crescent form (fig. 1). S.'s length. from 10 to 20 mm, width are 3,5 — 4 mm, height is 3 — 4 mm.

Page. it is covered with the mucous membrane covered by a transitional epithelium. On its surface output channels open prostate (see) — prostatic ductules (ductuli prostatici). At S.'s top. there is a slit-like deepening called prostatic, or men's, by a utricle (utriculus prostaticus). It is a rudiment of the spliced trailer departments of paramezonefralny (myullerovy) channels. Length of a prostatic utricle is from 5 to 10 mm, width is 2 — 6 mm, depth is 2 — 5 mm. The prostatic utricle is surrounded internal longitudinal and outside circular with layers of bunches of smooth muscle cells. Walls and its bottom are covered by the mucous membrane forming folds. On each side from a prostatic utricle semyavyb-rasyvagoshchy channels (ductuli ejacu-latorii) open, to-rye can sometimes open at the bottom of it (see. Deferent duct ).

Fig. 2. Microdrug of a seminal hillock is normal: 1 — gland of a seminal hillock; 2 — lakunovidno expanded veins; 3 — a stroma; coloring hematoxylin-eosine; X120.

S.'s stroma. make the connecting fabric containing a large amount of elastic fibers, bunches of smooth muscle cells with the nerve fibrils and their terminations concluded among them. In the thickness of S. there is a significant amount of alveolar and tubular glands (fig. 2).

S.'s blood supply. it is carried out by branches of arteries of deferent ducts (aa. ductuum deferentium). Capillaries would form around secretory trailer departments of glands C. melkopetlisty trailer capillary networks in the form of small baskets, places have sinusovidny expansions. Veins S. form lacunas (fig. 2) and anastomose among themselves, and also with the veins which are in a prostate where a venous blood from S. would flow. The lymph drainage occurs in limf, vessels of a prostate. Sympathetic innervation of S. it is carried out from the lower hypogastric texture (plexus hy-pogastricus inf.), and parasympathetic — from splanchnic pelvic nerves (nn. splanchnici pel vini).

Functional value Page. is studied insufficiently. At sexual excitement (see) S. increases in sizes and completely blocks a gleam of an urethra (see) that interferes with process of an urination, and also a possibility of flowing of an ejaculate in a bladder. Page. takes part in implementation of an ejaculation (see) since the mechanical irritation causes it an ejaculation, and S.'s diseases. quite often lead to disturbances of an ejaculation. On a surface of a seminal hillock and near it output channels of gonads open and there is a mixing of their secrets.

Methods of a research

by the Main method of inspection of S. is uretroskopiya (see), at a cut it is defined in the form of a yellow-red nipple of cylindrical or conical shape by height apprx. 4 mm. At top the opening of a prostatic utricle, and on each side from the last — the mouth of ejaculatory channels is possible to consider it. Hiting at of S. the tool normal does not cause pain. To reveal S. and nek-ry changes in it it is possible also with the help uretrografiya (see).


To anomalies of situation C. carry an arrangement it on a sidewall of an urethra. From anomalies of development it should be noted double S. Both anomalies meet very seldom. The diagnosis is established by means of an uretroskopiya. Lech. actions, as a rule, in these cases are not required.

Damages of a seminal hillock and the channels of gonads opening here quite often meet at changes of pelvic bones a rupture of a prostatic part of an urethra. Diagnosis of damage of S. it is difficult to establish. Most often the damage taking place is demonstrated by its effects — sexual frustration (disturbance of an ejaculation, infertility, impotence). Special treatment of damages of S. does not exist; attempts of conservative treatment of the sexual frustration connected with S.'s damage are made. The forecast at S.'s damages. often adverse since it is not always possible to recover passability of channels of gonads.

S.'s diseases. include inflammatory processes (colliculites) of nonspecific and specific (tuberculosis) character. Colliculites are caused by influence of infectious, is more rare than chemical or physical agent. Often it arises for the second time at inflammatory processes in an urethra and generative organs. As the contributing moments note various deviations in implementation of sexual intercourse (masturbation, sexual excesses, the interrupted and prolonged sexual intercourse), to-rye promote venous stagnation in a small basin. In diagnosis of a colliculitis complaints of the patient to sexual frustration (decrease in a potentiality, frustration of an ejaculation), sometimes on impurity of blood in sperm are of great importance (see. Hemospermia ), pain at an ejaculation and feeling of a foreign body in a crotch. On an ureteroscopic picture A. I. Vasilyev distinguishes the superficial, interstitial, mixed and atrophic colliculitis. At a superficial colliculitis increase and a sharp hyperemia of S. is noted., bleeding of his mucous membrane, hypersensitivity, impossibility of identification of openings of ejaculatory channels. The interstitial colliculitis is followed by increase and sensitization of S., to-ry becomes dense and looks more pale than surrounding fabrics, bleeding is expressed slightly, mouths of channels are well distinguishable. At the mixed colliculitis on S.'s surface. cystous or polypostural educations are had. At an atrophic colliculitis of S. it is wrinkled, reduced in a size, gray-yellow or dirty-gray color.

Treatment of a colliculitis antibacterial drugs is a component of therapy of inflammatory process of an urethra and generative organs. Locally would appoint S.'s greasing. solutions of silver nitrate in the increasing concentration from 5 to 15%. Would resort to electrothermic coagulation of polypostural growths on S.'s surface less often. Forecast in most cases favorable. Prevention of a colliculitis consists in timely treatment of inflammatory processes in an urethra and generative organs, and also in respect for hygiene sex life (see).

S.'s tuberculosis. in the isolated look does not meet, and represents display of tuberculosis of urinogenital system. It defines also medical tactics (see. Tuberculosis extra pulmonary ).

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