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SEMICARBAZIDE — amide hydrazinecarboxylic to - you (hydrazide carbamic to - you), aminourea; the connection applied at histochemical researches to identification of aldehydes and ketones.

On chemical properties C. reminds hydrazine (see) also represents monoacid base, weaker, than a hydrazine; with to-tami forms well crystallizing salts, with aldehydes (see) and ketones (see) — characteristic semicarbazones:

where R is the hydrocarbon radical.

At S.'s heating the hydrazine and diamide 1,2-hydrazine-carboxylic to - you turn out. The page recovers liquid of Felinga; being condensed with bifunctional connections, forms heterocyclic substances of a number of pyrazol.

Thioderivative S. — thiosemicarbazide — used as fungicide (see. Fungicides ), is highly toxic convulsive poison.

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