SEMEKA Sergey Aleksandrovich

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SEMEKA Sergey Aleksandrovich (1906 — 1966) — the Soviet medical officer, the theorist and the historian of military medicine, the organizer of medical support of troops. Major general of medical service (1943). The member of the CPSU since 1942.

SEMEKA Sergey Aleksandrovich

Since 1926 served in the Soviet Army. In 1931 ended with honors VMA of S. M. Kirov then served in troops as the junior, and then senior doctor of a regiment, the divisional and case doctor. From 1936 to 1939 worked in sanitary management of the Leningrad Military District and at the same time (since 1938) directed department of military disciplines Leningrad pharmaceutical in-that. In 1939 the academic degree of the candidate of medical sciences, and in 1947 — a rank of the associate professor was appropriated to it. Participant of the Soviet-Finnish war (1939 — 1940). In 1940 — 1941 directed military faculty of the 1st Kharkiv medical in-that. In days of the Great Patriotic War of S. A. Semek was the chief of Sanitary department of army and the chief of Sanitary management of the front. Since 1944 the f-volume at TsIU of doctors directed the military and the department of history of military medicine of the same which is at the same time organized by it (1952) f-that, and since 1957 — the TsIU military department and then the 1st MMI of I. M. Sechenov.

S. A. Semeka gained wide popularity as the specialist in the field of the organization of medical providing troops, history of military medicine and teaching military-medical disciplines. It published more than 70 works. He participated (1940, 1955) in preparation of the fundamental documents of medical service of the Soviet Army regulating its activity in combat conditions. It executed basic researches on the stories of the Russian medicine based on development of archive materials 17 — 20 centuries. Results of these researches were generalized in the capital work «Medicine Military» (1948); in it the main stages of development of domestic military medicine are for the first time systematically analyzed.

S. A. Semeka proved as the gifted teacher, the methodologist and the organizer of educational process. Headed by it in post-war years of department became the methodical centers of medical higher education institutions of the country.

S. A. Semeka took active part in preparation of the Encyclopaedic dictionary of military medicine, the Encyclopaedic medical reference book for military paramedics, the 2nd BME edition, collected works of N. I. Pirogov and a number of scientific collections.

It is awarded by the Order of Lenin, three awards of the Red Banner, awards of Patriotic war of J and the II degree, an award of the Red Star and medals.

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Bibliography: Sergey Aleksandrovich Semeki's memories, Voyen. - medical zhurn., Hya 7, page 94, 1966.

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