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SELIVANOVA TEST (F. F. Selivanov, the domestic chemist) — qualitative staining reaction on ketosugar (sucrose, fructose, etc.) in urine; in medical practice this reaction is used at the anomalies of carbohydrate metabolism which are followed by a fruktozuriya, sakharozuriy, etc.

The principle C. of the item consists in education by ketosugars during the heating • in acid medium of furfurals, to-rye with resorcin give colored compound.

The trace amounts of fructose and sucrose which are contained in urine of the healthy person do not cause decolourization of test; positive S. the item happens at a fruktozuriya and a sakharozuriya. In practice of kliniko-biochemical laboratories C. of the item it is more and more replaced with more sensitive and specific quantitative methods with thiobarbituric and beta and indolyacetic to-tami, hromatografichesky and enzymatic methods.

See also Urine .

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