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SEED BUBBLES [vesicula (glandula) seminalis (PNA), glandula vesiculosa (JNA), vesicula seminalis (BNA)] — the pair educations which are relating to internal men's generative organs and being a part of seminiferous ways.

Pages of the item develop from side protrusions of trailer departments of mezonefralny (volfovy) channels.


Are located lateralno from deferent ducts (see), from above from prostate (see), behind and sideways from a bottom bladder (see). The peritoneum covered only upper parts of S. of the item. The provision C. of the item can change in connection with filling and bladder emptying and a rectum.

Pages of the item have the spindle-shaped form, a chicken skin and strongly gyrose tubes, length to-rykh in the straightened state represent makes 100 — 120 mm, and diameter — 6 — 7 mm. In not straightened state the seed bubble has an appearance of the oblong, a little flattened in the front-back direction body up to 50 mm long, up to 20 mm wide and thickness apprx. 10 mm.

Diagrammatic representation of seed bubbles (anterior aspect and from above; a frontal section through the left seed bubble, left seminiferous, secretory and ejaculatory channels; the middle part of a prostate is removed; a prostatic part of an urethra is opened): 1 — deferent ducts; 2 — the left seed bubble; 3 — a secretory channel; 4 — an ejaculatory channel; 5 — a prostatic part of an urethra; — a seminal hillock; 7 — a prostate; 8 — the right seed bubble (will delay hooks).

Distinguish front and back surfaces of S. of the item, the top expanded end — the basis, a middle part — a body and the lower, narrowed end passing into the secretory canal (ductus excretorius) to-ry, connecting to a deferent duct (ductus deferens), forms together with it an ejaculatory channel (ductus ejaculatorius; fig.).

The page of the item is supplied with blood from the descending branch of an artery of a deferent duct (a. ductus deferentis). A venous blood from seed bubbles on veins flows in a vesical veniplex (plexus venosus vesicalis), and then on vesical veins (vv. vesicales) in an internal ileal vein (v. iliaca interna). The lymph from S. flows the item in internal ileal limf, nodes (nodi lymphatici iliaci int.). S.'s innervation of the item is carried out from a texture of a deferent duct (plexus deferentialis).

The histology

On coal mine C. of the item has an appearance of the bubbles which are reported with each other. S.'s wall of the item consists of three covers. Outside it is covered by an extima (tunica adventitia). Under it there is well developed muscular coat (tunica muscularis) Making the most part of a wall of S. of the item. Muscular coat of a wall; turned to a deferent duct, thicker, than on the opposite side. More deeply the mucous membrane (tunica mucosa) is located, edges forms numerous branched folds with gear eminences of the most various form — from small separate outgrowths to the mesh cellular structures filling with places all gleam of S. of the item. The mucous membrane is covered single-layer (places by double-row) a prismatic epithelium.

Functional value

Functions C. of the item are diverse and insufficiently studied. Ferruterous cells of a mucous membrane of S. of the item allocate a secret of grayish-white color, a zhelatinopodobny consistence, inodorous, with alkali reaction (pH 7,3). It contains more dense inclusions, to-rye call «sago grains», or simpeksiya. The main component of a secret of S. of the item is the fructose necessary for ensuring exchange processes in spermatozoa, and also for maintenance of their mobility. S.'s secret of the item gives to an ejaculate big viscosity, increases its volume, creates favorable conditions for fertilization. It is considered that degree of stretching of S. and. a secret influences excitability of the center of an erection. Secretory function C. of the item depends on influence of men's sex hormones (see) that is confirmed by fading of their secretory activity after castration.

Methods of inspection

the Most available method of inspection of S. of the item is the palpation through a rectum (see. Rectal research ). They are probed slightly above a prostate, on both sides from the centerline. S. is normal items are defined hardly and only when they are filled with a secret. Items represent Palpatorno S. oblong shape of formation of an elastic consistence with a little pulled surface. There is also a method of a palpation of S. of the item, at Krom the patient as if sits down on a finger of the investigating doctor; in such position of the patient make also S.'s massage the item (a method of the Pricker). The secret received at the same time is subjected microscopic and bacterial. to a research. A valuable method of a research C. of the item is vezikulografiya (see).


Distinguish malformations, damages, diseases and S.'s tumors of the item.

Malformations Pages of the item meet extremely seldom. Carry a hypoplasia, an aplasia, one or both S.' doubling of the item, S.'s merge of the item in one unpaired education to them. Practical value of malformations of S. of the item is insignificant. To diagnose malformations of S. of the item by means of a palpation, vesicles of agraphia it is not always possible. Treatment, as a rule, is not carried out. In case of accession of inflammatory process appoint conservative treatment.

Damages. The closed damages (gaps) of S. of the item can take place at changes of pelvic bones and severe injuries of a crotch. Gunshot wounds of S. of the item are, as a rule, combined with an injury of other bodies. S.'s wound of the item is possible at a cystectomy concerning tumors of a bladder. The most characteristic sign of damage of S. of the item is the expiration of sperm from a wound or the formed fistulas. For the rest the wedge, a picture has no certain signs, p therefore S.'s damages by the item are distinguished late. The combined injuries mask a wedge, a picture of injury of a bladder, a prostate, rectum, an ureter.

The nature of surgery depends on features of an injury. If S. is damaged by the item on a big extent, then is made vesiculectomy (see). At small or bilateral damages of S. of the item are limited to drainage of a wound.

The forecast at S.'s damages by the item in general favorable. At bilateral damage decline in the ability to fertilization is possible.

Diseases. Most often S.'s inflammation of the item — a vesiculitis meets, gonokokk, staphylococcus, streptococci, etc. can be activators to-rogo (see. Vesiculitis ). The isolated tubercular vesiculitis is observed extremely seldom, more often the tubercular vesiculitis is combined with defeat of other generative organs and is noted at most of TB patients of a reproductive system (see Tuberculosis extra pulmonary).

Tumors. High-quality * S.'s tumors of the item — fibroma (see), fibroadenoma (see), myoma (see), lipoma (see), neurinoma (see) — meet very seldom. Clinically they can be shown by constant pain and feeling of a foreign body in a crotch, hemospermia (see), dysuria (see). Benign tumors, increasing, long keep a spherical or pear-shaped shape, not infiltriruya surrounding bodies and fabrics. Treatment of benign tumors operational. At the same time are limited to removal of the struck bubble. The forecast after a vesiculectomy for a benign tumor of one of S. of the item favorable.

Malignant tumors of S. of the item also meet seldom, from them cancer most often is found (see), is more rare — sarcoma (see). In the beginning a wedge, a picture same, as at benign tumors. At germination by a tumor of surrounding fabrics and bodies signs of a prelum of an urethra and rectum can join. Metastasises come to light in lungs, kidneys and a peritoneum more often. At a rectal research find dense, hilly, painless education or extensive infiltrate is higher than a prostate. By means of a vezikulo-grafiya reveal defect of filling in the item struck with S. In not clear cases carry out a transrectal biopsy of fabric C. of the item. At malignant tumors of S. of the item the vesiculectomy is shown (see). At late detection of a tumor operation quite often includes an oncotomy together with a prostate, and sometimes and with a bladder. The forecast at malignant tumors of S. of the item adverse.

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K.D. Panikratov; V. Ya. Bocharov (An.).