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SECTION TOOLS — tool kit, used for carrying out necropsy.

For detailed pathoanatomical or court. - medical researches of a corpse section set is necessary. Usually are a part of such set: big and small post-mortem knives, an amputating knife, a bellied scalpel (see. Knives surgical ), a cartilaginous costal knife, a myelotom of Peak (a knife with the long handle and the edge in the form of a rake 15 cm long bent at an angle 100 °) for section of a spinal cord at extraction of a brain, a brain knife of Virkhov with a two-edged edge 25 cm long and 4 cm wide, anatomic intestinal scissors 20,5 cm long, blunt straight scissors 17 cm long, scissors 14 cm long, eye sharp-pointed straight scissors 10 cm long, bone scissors, direct with one acute end, with short strong branches for a nibble of bones, costal scissors with one branch stupid concave and another acute convex for a perekusyvaniye of edges (see. Scissors surgical ), an arc saw for opening of a skull and a cut of bones and sheet for deep cuts of bones, a double saw (rachitome) of Lyuer for a perepilivaniye of back handles of vertebrae during the opening of a backbone, Gelli's rachitome in the form of bone scissors with short coronoid branches and long handles for a perekusyvaniye of back handles of vertebrae, a chisel medical big flat 20 mm wide with the faceted handle, a craniotome — a stupid hatchet for breaking off of a nadpilenny skullcap, the raspatory for department of a periosteum, the anatomic hammer, anatomic, Gear and web-footed and surgical tweezers (see), probes (see) — cadaveric with divisions, surgical zhelobovaty and bellied bilateral, a hook surgical trekhzuby acute average, metal and rubber catheters (see), needles and severe linen threads for mending of cuts on a corpse, a metal ruler.

In addition to the listed section tools in section set it is reasonable to have a metal roulette, measuring cylinders of various capacity, a spoon measuring for liquids with a capacity of 100 ml, measuring compasses, desktop dial scales, metal and glass syringes (see) various capacity, whetstones for a point and editing of knives, sterile banks with ground stoppers.

At opening (see) use, as a rule, the limited number of tools — section, costal and brain knives, intestinal and straight scissors, anatomic and surgical tweezers, bellied or zhelobovaty probes and a measuring ruler. Other tools are used as required. After the end of opening of S. and. wash in warm water, process desinfectants and wipe dry with pure fabric.

See also Anatomic tools .

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G. M. Mogilevsky.