SECHENOVA-BOKOVA Maria Aleksandrovna

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SECHENOVA-BOKOVA Maria Aleksandrovna (1839 — 1929) — the domestic surgeon-ophthalmologist, one of the first Russian female doctors.

SECHENOVA-BOKOVA Maria Aleksandrovna

To get the higher medical education, entered dummy marriage with the doctor P. I. Bokov. In 1861 — 1864 attended lectures in P eterb urgsky me wild and surgical academy, JI went in for anatomy at V. Grubera and physiology at I. M. Sechenov. In the mid-sixties became I. M. Sechenov's wife. It was close to revolutionary democratic circles. In 1862 executed the research «Way to Make an Artificial Color Blindness» under the leadership of I. M. Sechenov. In 1864 it was forced to leave academy owing to prohibition to women to attend lectures and a practical training. In 1868 — 1871 un-that where after protection in 1871 theses «About a keratitis» («Zur Lehre von der Hypopyon-Kera-titis») were received by degree of the doctor of medicine studied as medical f-those Zurich. During French-Prussian war (1870 — 1871) M. A. Sechenov-Bokov voluntarily worked as the sister of mercy in the French hospital. Having been returned to Russia, in December, 1871 passed examination for the right of medical practice.

Except medicine, M. A. Sechenova-Bokova was engaged in literary and educational activity, is known also as the translator into Russian of compositions of Ch. Darvin and A. E. Brehm.

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