SCRIABIN Konstantin Ivanovich

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SCRIABIN Konstantin Ivanovich (1878 — 1972) — the Soviet helminthologist, the founder of a helminthology in the USSR, the academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1939), the academician. All-Union academy of agricultural sciences of V. I. Lenin (1935) and USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1944), honorary member of AN of the Kyrgyz SSR (1954) and Uzbek SSR (1962), Hera of Socialist Work (1958), zasl. scientist of RSFSR and Kyrgyz SSR, winner of the Lenin award (1957) and State awards of the USSR (1941, 1950), deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR (1946 — 1954).

SCRIABIN Konstantin Ivanovich

After the termination in 1905 of Yuryevsky (nowadays Tartu) veterinary in-that K. I. Scriabin worked vt. the doctor in Central Asia. In 1916 it protected dokt. the thesis devoted to the characteristic of a gelmin-tofauna of domestic animals of Turkestan. Since 1917 was professor of the Russia's first department of parasitology of Donskoy veterinary in-that in Novocherkassk, since 1920 — the department chair of parasitology Moscow veterinary in-that (nowadays Moscow veterinary academy). K. I. Scriabin organized the USSR's first research helmintologic institutions of veterinary, medical and all-biological profiles; in 1920 — 1956 he managed gelmintol. department State in-that experimental veterinary science (it is reorganized in 1931 in All-Union by in-t of a helminthology) and odnovrekhmenno (1921 —-1949) helmintologic departments Tropical in-that (nowadays Ying t of medical parasitology and tropical medicine of E. I. Martsinovsky), in 1942 became the director of Helmintologic laboratory Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In 1956 — 1961 was the vice-president of All-Union academy of agricultural sciences of V. I. Lenin (VASHNIL).

In 1922 K. I. Scriabin founded the constant commission on studying of a gelmintofauna, edges in 1940 was transformed in All-Union to helminthologists; was the organizer numerous (St. 350) gelmintol. expeditions on studying of a gelmintofauna of the population, and also house and wildings honor in all districts of the USSR that allowed to reveal the centers of the most dangerous helminthoses and caused a possibility of holding systematic actions for fight against them. On materials of expeditions it is described St. 500 new types of helminths, from them St. 200 it is opened personally by K. I. Scriabin.

K. I. Scriabin published the St. 700 scientific works devoted to morphology, genealogy, a systematics, ecology, an epizootology, epidemiology of helminths, and also various problems veterinary, medical and agricultural helminthology (see). He developed and on a large scale implemented a method full gelmintol. openings, entered concepts about reservoir and additional owners of helminths, about bio - and geohelminths; offered the principles dewormings (see), in a basis to-rykh preventive approach was put; developed the main aspects of the theory devastation (see) — elimination of this or that helminth as zoological look. Its multivolume monographs devoted to the comprehensive description of separate groups of helminths use the world recognition.

K. I. Scriabin was the full and honorary member of a number of foreign academies (Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian, Czechoslovak, Yugoslavian, French), and also the honorary member of science foundations of many countries. K. I. Scriabin was an editor of redot-business «Epidemiology and infectious diseases» of the 1st and 2nd prod. BME.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin (six), Labour Red Banners (three), an award of the Red Star, and also the Bulgarian awards «Kirill and Mefodiy» I of degree and Georgy Dimitrov (two).

The name of K. I. Scriabin is appropriated All-Union in-that to a helminthology, the Moscow veterinary academy, To irgizsky agricultural in-that in Frunze, department of parasitology Bulgarian veterinary in-that in Sofia. Also one of mountain peaks of the Tian-Shansky ridge and the street in Moscow are called by his name.

Works: Helminthoses of the person, the p. i — 2, M. — L., 1929 — 1931 (sovm. with Schultz R.); Bases of the general helminthology, M., 1940 (sovm. with Schultz R.); Construction of the Soviet helminthology, M. — JI., 1946; Devastation in fight against helminthoses and other diseases of the person and animals, Frunze, 1947; Trematodes of animals and person, t. 1 — 26, M. — JI., 1947 — 1978; Determinant of parasitic nematodes, t. 1 — 4, M. — JI., 1949 — 1954 (sovm. with other); Bases of a nematodologiya, t. 1 — 10, M. — L., 1949 — 1961 (edition and bus of a number of volumes); Construction of helmintologic science and practice in the USSR, t. 1, M., 1962 (sovm. with other).

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