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SCHRÖDER Robert (Schroeder Robert, 1884 — 1959) is the German obstetrician-gynecologist.

Ended in 1909 medical >f-t Rostock un-that, then it was improved in Heidelberg and Cologne. Since 1911 the assistant, and since 1919 professor of gynecologic clinic Rostock un-that. In 1922 — 1936 headed gynecologic clinic in Kiel, in 1936 — 1957 — in Leipzig.

R. Schröder is the author of St. 200 scientific works, including several monographs and the managements devoted to studying of a pathogeny of the uterine bleedings (see. Dysfunctional

uterine bleedings) caused by disturbance of rhythmic products of hormones ovaries («a persistent follicle»), normal and pathological pregnancy, and also diagnostic at value of definition of character of a bacterial flora of a vagina. It for the first time described gormonalnoaktivny tumors of ovaries at a hysterocarcinoma, is offered a wedge, classification of cancer of ovary. In a number of R. Schröder's works results of studying of a pathogeny and a wedge, currents

of new growths of female generative

organs are generalized. It improved a number of obstetric operations. Its textbook of gynecology translated to Russian used wide popularity.

Works: Der normale menstruelle Zyklus der Uterusschleimhaut, B., 1913 (Russian lane, D., 1938); Lehrbuch der Gynakologie fur Studium und Praxis, Lpz., 1922, 1961 (pyc. lane, M. — L., 1930); Weibliche Genitalor-gane, Handb. mikr. Anat. d. Menschen, hrsg. v. W. Mollendorff, Bd 7, T. 1, S. 329, B., 1930; Gynakologie fur Studium und Praxis, B., 1947; Die bosartige Tumo-ren der weiblichen Genitale, in book: Fruh-diagnose d. Krebses, hrsg. v. F. Held, S. 165, B., 1953; Probleme der berufstati-gen Frau, Lpz., 1957.

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