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SCHMIDT Karl (Schmidt Carl Frederic, sort. in 1893) — the American pharmacologist, the member of National academy of Sciences of the USA.

Ended medical f-t Pennsylvanian un-that in 1918, worked at department of pharmacology un-that. In 1921 — 1924 directed department of pharmacology of the Beijing medical college where studied features of effect of medicines of the Chinese medicine, in particular ephedrine. In 1924 returned va department of pharmacology of the Pennsylvanian university and held a position of professor; from 1931 to 1959 managed this department. In 1961 — 1969 worked in the Center of sea aircraft. In 1970 — 1982 was professor of clinical pharmacology in un-those the Southern Florida.

K. Schmidt is the author of St. 80 scientific works. Its scientific interests were concentrated mainly on studying of influence of pharmaceuticals on functions of breath and blood circulation. It conducted original researches of influence of morphine on breath. To. Schmidt developed a new quantitative method of a research of cerebral circulation at the person, to-ry began to use also for studying of coronary circulation.

K. Schmidt was one of organizers of the International union of pharmacologists (IYuFAR), the vice-president (1940 — 1942) and the president (1948 — 1950) American about-va pharmacology and experimental therapy, He is honourable doctor Pensilvansky (USA) and Karlova (ChSSR) of high fur boots,

Works: The action of ephedrine, an alkaloid from Ma Huang, Proc. Soc. exp. Biol. (N. Y.>, v. 21, p. 351, 1923—1924 (sovm. with Chen K. To.);

A description of the glomerular circulation in the frog’s kidney and observations concerning the action of adre-nalin and various other substances upon it Amer. J. Physiol., v. 71, p. 178, 1924

(sovm. with Richards A. N.); Respiration, Ann. Rev. Physiol., v. 7, p. 231, 1945; The respiration, The mechanics of respiration, in book: Med. physiol., ed, by Ph. Bard, p. 282, St Louis, 1956. V. V. Zakusov.