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SCHMIDT Alexander Aleksandrovich (1831 — 1894) is a domestic physiologist, professor (1869).

In 1858 ended medical f-t of Derpt-sky (nowadays Tartu) un-that and received degree of the doctor of medicine. Pupil F. G. Biddera. In 1862 defended the dissertation of a pas the subject «About Ozone in Blood». Since 1862 taught in un-those, holding positions of the privatdozent, associate professor (since 1864), ordinary professor (since 1869) departments of physiology. In 1866 — 1867 trained abroad. In 1877 — 1879 was the dean medical f-that, and in 1885 — 1890 the rector of university.

A. A. Schmidt published the St. 20 scientific works devoted to problems of hematology. The enzymatic nature of process of a blood coagulation is for the first time established to them. The original position of the theory of a blood coagulation offered them is recognition of existence of the formation of fibrin «fib-rin-fermen that» catalyzing reaction, to-ry A. A. Shmidt afterwards called thrombin (see). To them it was experimentally shown that thrombin is absent in the circulating blood and is formed at damage of vessels of the inactive predecessor — a prothrombin (see). He investigated a role of leukocytes, cellular proteins and other substances in a blood coagulation.

A. A. Schmidt's works on the theory of a blood coagulation exerted a great influence on development of modern representations about fiziol. mechanisms of regulation of liquid state of blood and its coagulation (see. Coagulant system of blood).

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