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SCHOELJER Verner (Scheler Werner, sort. in 1923) — the German pharmacologist, the academician. Academies of Sciences of GDR (1973), president of Academy of Sciences of GDR (1979), foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1982), zasl. doctor of the people, Member of the Central Committee of SEPG.

In 1951 ended medical f-t Yen-sky un-that. In

1951 — 1959 the research associate Ying-that pharmacology and toxicology un-that of Humboldt and Ying-that medicine and biology (department of pharmacology) of Academy of Sciences of GDR in Berlin. In 1956 protected dokt. thesis; professor (1959). Since 1959 the director Ying-that pharmacology and toxicology un-that in Greyfsvalda, since 1961 the vice rector

for science, and from 1966 to 1970 the rector

of it un-that. Since 1971 the director of research center of molecular biology and medicine of Academy of Sciences of GDR.

V. Sheler is the author of the St. 250 scientific works devoted to questions of the general and molecular pharmacology, toxicology and therapy of poisonings. Its most considerable work is «Fundamentals of the general pharmacology» — fundamental work on theoretical pharmacology.

V. Sheler is marked out by government awards of GDR, conferred a national award. It is awarded by the Soviet Order of Friendship of the people.

Works: Grundlagen der allgemeinen Pharma-kologie, Jena, 1969; Physicochemical fundamentals and thermodynamics of the membrane transport of drugs, Handb. exp. Pharmakol., hrsg. v. G. At. R. Born u. a., Bd 47, S. 3, B. u. a., 1977 (sovm. with

Blanck J.); Allgemeine Pharmakologie, in book: Allgemeine und spez. Pharmakol., hrsg. v. F. Markwardt, S. 13, B., 1983.

V. V. Zakusov.