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SHYFFA REAKTYV (H. Schiff, is mute. biochemist, 1834 — 1915; a synonym fuchsin -

sulphurous acid) — a reactant for qualitative test of aldehydic group of organic compounds. It is applied during the carrying out a number of histochemical reactions — Feylgen's reactions to identification of DNA (see. Deoxyribonucleic acid), CHIC reaction (see) for definition of various carbohydrates, Bauer's reaction to a glycogen (see), plazmalevy reaction (see) and some others.

The main component of Sh. of river is the main fuchsin (see). There are several methods of receiving a reactant of Schiff. The way offered in 1936 to de J. A. de Tomasi consists in dissolution of the main fuchsin in the boiling distilled water and in addition to the filtrate of 1 N cooled to 50 ° salt to - you, and then during the cooling to 25 ° — sodium metabisulphite or potassium. Bardzher and de Lamater (J. D. Barger, E. D. de Lamater) in 1948 suggested to cool solution of the main fuchsin in a distilled water to 50 ° and to add the thionyl chloride which is a source a chamois to a filtrate - you. After cooling solution is left in the dark for 12 — 24 hours, then add active coal, stirred up within 1 min. and filtered. On the modification offered in 1954 Mr. Itikava and Ogura (O. of Itikawa, Y. Ogura), Schiff's reactant is prepared, slowly passing sulfur dioxide gas through the cooled and filtered solution of the main fuchsin. The gas supply is stopped when solution becomes transparent and gains red color. The corked vessel with solution is left for the night in the dark at the room temperature, and then decoloured, adding active coal and stirring up within 1 min.

It is recommended to store ready Sh. of river at t ° 0 — 4 ° in densely closed bottles.

See also Histochemical methods of a research.

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