SAVVAITOV Alexander Sergeyevich

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SAVVAITOV Alexander Sergeyevich (1876 — 1956) — the Soviet ophthalmologist, professor.

SAVVAITOV Alexander Sergeyevich

In 1900 ended VMA, worked as the intern of eye department in army infirmaries. In time russko - the Japanese war (1904 — 1905) — the intern of field hospital in Manchuria. Further worked in eye department of the Odessa military hospital and at the same time in eye clinic medical f-that Odessa un-that. In 1909 — 1912 — the intern of eye clinic of VMA. In 1911 defended the dissertation on «To a Question of Influence of Some Sources of Artificial Lighting on Visual Acuity and Fatigue of a Retina». As the doctor-oculist was involved in World War I (1914 — 1918). From 1918 to 1921 was the chief of mobilization department of Glavsanupr of RKKA. In 1924 headed the organization of the eye help in Narkomzdrava of RSFSR. Since 1934 managed organizational and methodical department of the State scientific research institute of eye diseases of Helmholtz and at the same time (from 1937 to 1956) was the chief oculist of M3 of the USSR (till 1946 Narkomzdrav of the USSR).

A.S. Savvaitov is the author of the St. 60 scientific works devoted preferential to trachoma, glaucoma, injuries of eyes, the organization of the ophthalmologic help, prevention of a blindness. He was the organizer of specialized ophthalmologic service on fight against trachoma in the USSR, was engaged in studying of epidemiology and development of methods of mass treatment of this disease, directed implementation of a wide range treatment-and-prophylactic and sanitary protivoegsh-demicheskikh actions.

A.S. Savvaitov was chairman Vsesoyuznogo and Moscow scientific about-in oculists, the deputy

editor of the Bulletin of Ophthalmology magazine, the member of Academic medical council of M3 of the USSR, the chairman of the problem commission and Scientific and technical council on ophthalmology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: About influence of some sources of artificial lighting on visual acuity and fatigue of a retina, a yew., SPb., 1911; The Blindness in the USSR, Owls. vestn. oftalm., t. 1, century 1, page 1, 1932: Development of the eye help in the USSR in 30 years, Vestn. oftalm., t. 26, century 5, page 12, 1947; The Condition of fight against trachoma to the USSR and actions for elimination of fresh forms of trachoma during the fourth five-years period, in the same place, century 1-2, page 9; Treatment and prevention of trachoma, M., 1955.

Bibliography: To the fiftieth anniversary of medical, pedagogical and public work of professor Alexander Sergeyevich Savvaitov, Vestn. oftalm., t. 30, century 6, page 45, 1951; Memories of professor of A. S. Savvaitova, in the same place, L1 5, page 44, 1956.

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