SAVELYEV Victor Sergeyevich

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SAVELYEV Victor Sergeyevich (sort. in 1928) — the Soviet surgeon, the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1974), A. N. Bakulev's pupil, the winner of the State award USSR (1975).

SAVELYEV Victor Sergeyevich

Upon termination of in 1951 the 2nd the department chair and at the same time chief surgeon of M3 of RSFSR is left to MMII at department of faculty surgery, since 1966.

Activity of B. S. Savelyeva is characterized by constant search of new. It has broad surgical range that promoted its many-sided contribution to medicine.

V. S. Savelyev possesses more than 300 scientific works, including 12 monographs. V. S. Savelyev is the prominent cardiosurgeon, with his active participation in domestic surgical practice methods of cardiac catheterization, angiocardiography, implantation of an artificial pacemaker and inborn heart diseases operations are implemented. It created original models of electrocardiostimulators, modification of use of extracorporal blood circulation without filling of the device with donor blood is developed. A number of works of V. S. Savelyev and his school is devoted to surgical treatment of the acquired heart diseases.

In the field of angiology V. S. Savelyev is widely known for the developments on prosthetics of bifurcation of an aorta and anonymous arteries. It studied a number of new questions of a phlebology and a series of operations on veins is for the first time executed: reconstructive operations at occlusion of an upper vena cava with use of a stapler of own design; a thrombectomy at Pedzhet's disease — Schröter; operative measures concerning acute thrombosis femoral, ileal and lower hollow veins. The researches conducted under its management allowed to develop the concept of a thrombogenesis in the main veins, to study features of a hemodynamics and a hemostasis at these states, to implement methods of radiological and radio isotope diagnosis of acute venous thrombosis in a wedge, practice and on this basis to offer the principles of treatment of patients, original surgical tactics, methods of antitrombotichesky therapy and technology of surgeries on the thrombosed veins.

V. S. Savelyev created also the concept of the reasons of a thromboembolism of pulmonary arteries and the concept about embologenny thrombosis is formulated, methods of early diagnosis of potential sources of an embolism, methods of prevention, conservative and operational treatment of a thromboembolism of pulmonary arteries and post-embolic pulmonary hypertensia are developed.

V. S. Savelyev's contribution and to abdominal surgery is considerable. A number of its works is devoted to vagisection and organ-preserving operations at a peptic ulcer, surgery of purulent peritonitis, heart attack of intestines, a pancreatonecrosis, diagnostic and medical endoscopy, etc.

Under the leadership of V. S. Savelyev 122 theses, including 32 doctor's are executed. He is the president of the International society The USSR — Colombia (since 1978), the vice-chairman Vsesoyuznogo (since 1976) and the chairman Vserossiyskogo scientific (since 1978) about-in surgeons, the honorary member of a row foreign about-in surgeons. In 1980 was the vice-president of the XXVIII Congress of the International society of surgeons. V. S. Savelyev is the deputy editor-in-chief of the section «Surgery» BME, the deputy editor-in-chief of the Chest Surgery magazine. It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Hemodynamics at inborn heart diseases, a yew., M., 1959; X-ray inspection at inborn heart diseases, M., 1960 (sovm. from Ivanitskaya M. A.); Sounding and angiocardiography at inborn heart diseases, M., 1961; Heart block (Clinic, diagnosis and treatment), M., 1967 (sovm. with other); Surgical treatment of occlusions of an upper vena cava and its inflows, M., 1967 (sovm. with other): Not tubercular spontaneous pheumothorax, M., 1969 (sovm. from Konstantinova G. D.); Embolisms of bifurcation of an aorta and main arteries of extremities (Clinic, diagnosis, treatment), M., 1970 (sovm. with Zatevakhin I. I.); Diseases of the main veins, M., 1972 (sovm. with other); Angiographic diagnosis of diseases of an aorta and its branches, M., 1975 (sovm. with other); Guide to an urgent surgery of abdominal organs, M., 1976 (sovm. with other); Endoscopy of abdominal organs, M., 1977 (sovm. with other); Artery embolism of the upper limbs surgery, Wld J. Surg., v. 4, p. 678, 1977 (sovm. with other); Acute disorders of mezenterialny blood circulation, M., 1979 (sovm. with Spiridonov I. V.); Thromboembolism of pulmonary arteries, M., 1979 (sovm. with other); Surgical prevention of pulmonary embolism, Wld J. Surg., v. 4, p. 709, 1980 (sovm. with other).

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