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SAUERBRUCH Ferdinand (Sauerbruch Ferdinand, 1875 — 1951) — the German surgeon, one of founders of chest surgery.


Studied in Marburg, Yen, was entitled the doctor in Leipzig (1901), and then worked as the surgeon in Erfurt. Since 1903 the assistant to surgical clinic un-that in Breslau (nowadays Wroclaw), to-ruyu headed I. Mi Easter cake. Since 1910 directed department of surgery Zurich un-that, since 1918 — the department of the same name in Munich un-those. In 1928 — 1950 headed department of surgery in Berlin un-those.

The main scientific research of F. Zauerbrukh is devoted to chest surgery. It one of the first beginnings widely to make lung, gullet operations, at new growths in a mediastinum and diseases of a diaphragm. Offered and carried out (1904) intrathoracic operations in the camera with diminished pressure for the purpose of elimination of an adverse effect of operational pheumothorax on breath and blood circulation; developed and applied a juxtaspinal thoracoplasty (1911), and also a phrenicotomy to treatment of a pulmonary tuberculosis; entered into practice a thoracotomy a wide intercostal section and a longitudinally cross sternotomy; one of the first successfully executed operations of a thymectomy (1912) and at aneurism of a right ventricle of heart (1931), made a splenectomy transpleural access. In 1915 — 1916 created the functional prosthesis of a brush managed by muscles («Zauerbrukh's hand»). He offered also original models of surgical beds and operating tables, new surgical instruments: hooks, raspatories, costal scissors, dilators for a chest wall, a bulb for illumination of deep cavities, etc. F. Zauerbrukh edited magazines «Zentrallblatt fur Chirurgie», «Deutsche Zeitschrift fur Chirurgie», «Zeitschrift fur Tuberkulose», created the capital guides to chest surgery.

Works: tiber die Ausschaltung der schad-lichen Wirkung des Pneumothorax bei intrathorakalen Operationen, Zbl. Chir., S. 146, 1904; Technik der Thoraxchirurgie, B., 1911 (sovm, with Schumacher E. S.); Die Chirurgie der Brustorgane, Bd 1—2, B., 1920 — 1925, Bd 1, T. 1—2, B., 1928 — 1930; Das war mein Leben, Miinchen, 1956.

Bibliography: Renier F. G. a. Cliff A. Sauerbruch Ferdinand — master surgeon, N. Y., 1954.

M. I. Perelman.